Monday, March 18, 2013

Elmers & Paper Doilies Resist

Today as promised I am going to share a fun technique to use for an altered journal page but then again, this technique could be used for any application.   A great plus for this technique is that it's very versatile and uses some common household items...Elmers White School Glue and Paper Doilies!

I don't know about you but I have a thing for paper doilies.  I just can't resist them when I find them and as you can see I have all different styles.  This is what I am going to be using to create my design but of course you could use any number of items...masks, stencils, punchenella, die-cuts, etc to create your pattern.


Supply List:

Elmers School Glue
Doily, Mask, Stencil, etc.
Watercolor Paints, Dye Mists, etc.



1.  Begin by mixing up a puddle of glue with a bit of water.  Since we're not using the glue as an adhesive but a resist it doesn't have to be nearly as thick.  I usually just give it a few squirts and mix it up with my sponge.


2. Secure your paper to your work station ~ I just put a bit of my ATG tape down on my non-stick craft mat and placed my cardstock over the tape.  It holds it in place but is easily removable when I'm finished.

3.  Position your doily (mask, stencil, etc.) on your paper.  Swipe or dab the glue mixture over the lacy part of the doily then carefully lift and remove the doily from that particular section of the paper.


4.  Repeat step #3 by reposition the same doily or use multiple doilies until the entire piece has been covered in designs. 

5.  Once your cardstock has been covered, let the glue dry naturally or speed drying with a heat tool. 


6.  After the glue has dried, apply desired colors of watercolor over the entire work.  Technique isn't crucial here as we'll be blending it together in the next step. 


7.  Now mist a piece of cloth with water and gently rub the cloth over the cardstock blending the colors as you go.

Here is what it looks like at this point.  You can see near the center and lower left the paints I used were rather light.   As a result the pattern doesn't show up as well as in other areas.  This can easily be fixed....
I simply added more inks and blended it in with the existing colors.  Once dry it's ready to be incorporated into your book, on cards, scrapbook pages, etc. 
I actually think this would be fun to use on Gothic Arches...
Hmmmm, I feel an arch coming on!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!