Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Carrot Basket

I has so much fun making this basket!
I think it could be left out all Spring depending on what you tuck inside.

I started off with one of these Pretty Pots which has such a cute design.  I thought it looked like a nice place for a giant cup cake when I first saw it but it's really so versatile it could be used for many different designs.

The first thing I did was to color each section with Spiced Marmalade Distress Stain.

Carrot Basket 001

I then dabbed on a bit of green Distress Stain at the top of each curve.

Carrot Basket 002

Next, I added a few dirt lines using a brown Gelato stick to each section of the basket and gave it a light rub with my fingertip to soften the look a bit.

Carrot Basket 003

I also added a Gelato "dirt line" around the entire bottom of the pot and again smudged it to soften it a bit.

Carrot Basket 004

I then cut 6 strips of green cardstock approx. 2.5x3" and cut the strip into long fringes.

Carrot Basket 005

I tightly rolled each strip of fringe up and secured the ends with a glue dot (I started out stapling it but I poked myself in the finger a time or two).

Carrot Basket 006

After the roll has been secured, begin rolling each bit of the fringe over a pencil - some tighter than others to create a nice tuft of green.

Carrot Basket 007

I attached each tuft behind the green area of the basket sections using glue dots to resemble carrot tops!

Carrot Basket 009

Now all that is left is the filling....

Carrot Basket 012
Carrot Basket 013
What would you fill it with?!?!?
Me - I'd go for Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and Jelly Belly jellybeans!


  1. a huge Easter bunny sticking out the top would be perfect!

  2. You are so creative, love it! I would definitely have to fill it with brightly colored jellybeans or malted milk ball Robin Eggs (my personal favorite,yum). :)


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