Thursday, March 14, 2013

3D Shamrock Card

One final green push before St. Patty's Day on Sunday....

Today I wanted to share a fun way to add some dimension to your card without having to buy those expensive 3-D stickers.

First I started off by spritzing up a sheet of cardstock with various shades of green ink....

3D Shamrock Card 001

Cut a 2" x 11" strip off the sheet of cardstock.  One 8.5x11" sheet will make 4 of these shamrocks or you can use the extra green paper for other projects.

Stamp the green strip of cardstock with a few "Irish" feel stamps.  All of these stamps are by Just For Fun Rubber Stamps. 

3D Shamrock Card 006

Now make a crease every 1" of the cardstock.

3D Shamrock Card 007

Accordion fold the strip of paper so you're left with a nice little bit ~ approx. 1"x2".  Draw 1/2 a shamrock on the top of the stack as shown in the photo.

3D Shamrock Card 009

Now cut away the excess paper but be sure not to cut through the folds!  This is very important...if you do you'll have lots of individual shamrocks instead of a chain!

3D Shamrock Card 010

Once you've cut away all of the excess you'll be left with a nifty little chain of shamrocks!  Since the paper was 11" long you'll end up with a half shamrock at the end.  Simply snip this end off.

3D Shamrock Card 012

Flip the shamrock chain over and add glue on every fold but the first half and last half on the chain.  (where the X's are add glue)

3D Shamrock Card 013

Smoosh all of the halves back together and you'll end up with a cute little 3 D shamrock!  Now all you have to do is ink up the edges and it's all ready to be added to a card, scrapbook layout, gothic arch or ATC, etc.

3D Shamrock Card 014 3D Shamrock Card 015
And here it is on my card....
3D Shamrock Card 022 3D Shamrock Card 023
Fun huh?
It really kicks your card up a notch or two with this simple little addition!

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