Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vintage Free Standing Thanksgiving Turkey Decoration

Good Tuesday Morning to you all!

Today I wanted to share a fun and easy holiday decorating idea with you that is soooo easy yet so very cool.

Vintage Free Standing
Thanksgiving Turkey


Brown Ink
Ink Blending Tool
Crystal Lacquer
Green Cardstock


1. Initially you will need to decide which image you'd like to turn into your free-standing decoration.  It needs to have a good solid base area to work with as this will be very important so it can stand up once it's finished.  Since Thanksgiving is next week I wanted to make something with a turkey in it so I choose the Turkey/Cart image from the AP Collage Sheet - Happy Thanksgiving.

2. Now you need to enlarge this image to the desired size of your decoration.  I made mine so it was approx. 1/2 the size of an 8.5x11" sheet of paper.   Make a copy of this image and flip it so that it is the mirror image of the original. 

AP - Turkey 001

3. Trim the image from the cardstock and mount on the chipboard.

AP - Turkey 003

4. Cut the upper portions of the cardstock/chipboard away.  You will see the decoration start to transform. 

Notice I didn't cut along the turkey's beard....I will take care of that later.

AP - Turkey 005

5. Glue both of the images back to back.  Since they are mirror images of the same size they should fit together perfectly!

6. Now if your image has small detailed areas such as the beard of the turkey I find it's easier to cut both sides at once so they match up perfectly.    I also left the final cut along the bottom until they were glued together as well. 

AP - Turkey 007

7. Once the image has been trimmed, ink all of the edges with ink - this not only adds to the vintage feel but it also helps disguise the double layer of chipboard as well.

AP - Turkey 008

8. Now this is just optional but I like to add a bit of detail to the image with Crystal Lacquer.  You will need to apply to one side, let it dry then flip and detail the second side.

AP - Turkey 009

You can see the wet CL details here...

AP - Turkey 010

9.  Now cover a small piece of chipboard (front & back) with green cardstock. 

10.  Trace a half moon shape on the chipboard and cut out.  This will be the "foot" or stand for your free-standing decoration.  Ink the edges in green.

AP - Turkey 011

11.  Normally you would just make a cut in both the image and foot/stand but since my chipboard decoration is so thick I actually had to notch out both the image and foot.

AP - Turkey 012

12.  Insert the foot/stand into the notch and your decoration is complete!

AP - Turkey 013

Pretty cool huh?
Now it's ready to be enhanced with additional free-standing decorations, a few silk leaves and a mini pumpkin or gourd and you've got yourself a dandy table centerpiece for your holiday meal!!


  1. Roni -

    I love this! It reminds me of all the decorations they used to put up in school when I was little. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Ya know, this is great! I really love the image you chose and I think this is a great tutorial. Thank you for sharing!



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