Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday!
Have you all been shopping your little hearts out?
I have to admit...I'm not.  I skipped Black Friday/weekend and did my on-line shopping then - LOL!!  I have been tempted by all of the sale offers from various crafty vendors though.
It's almost too good to pass up but I have too...
recently I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the entire set of Specturm Noir markers (in 2 different deals) for a real steal.  Less than half price!!!  I won part of them on E-bay and bought the rest from Hallmark Scrapbook & Crafts!  It's like a late b-day, early Christmas gift :)
I've not had much time to play with them yet ~ seems like I've been going at a non-stop run for the last several weeks.  I'm hoping soon I'll be able to sit down with them and just play.
In case you missed it, tomorrow is Ink Stains 5th B-day/Anniversary and my very first blog hop & on-line art festival!!
There will be loads of cool tins to see, a great way for you to participate and goodies galore!!
I can't wait for you to see all of the tins ~ it's going to be such fun.
I hope you all stop by and check 'em all out.
Here are a couple snippets of 2 of my tins....

You'll have to stop back tomorrow to see the whole tin :)
See you then!!!


  1. Teasing I see. That's fine, you haven't seen my tin yet; and though I need to photograph it still, Susan did get hers finished so you get to see a bonus too!

  2. What a little tease you are!!! Tee hee.

    I did a small bit of shopping on Saturday - stayed home on Black Friday though. Bought just one thing from Amazon today and that's it! Your markers sound great.

    See you tomorrow....


  3. What no progress report on the latest craft fair? Perhaps you are leaving that for after the blog hop. All those tins, you have been busy.


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