Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Christmas Charms & Would you buy this?

I finally remembered to take photos of my charms that I made for the Charm Swap and here they are....

Hand Cut Shrink Plastic w/ Fun Fir
Altered Christmas Charms 001
Die-cut Shrink Plastic
Altered Christmas Charms 003
Altered Christmas Charms 005
Altered Christmas Charms 006
Altered Christmas Charms 008
Altered Christmas Charms 009
This is really prettier than it looks. It's one of those glass pieces w/a flat back ~ I couldn't get a good photo of these to save my life. The sun and/or flash kept making it look really funky.
Altered Christmas Charms 012
and now my ? for you...
would you buy these?
I made them for the craft show.
I need to add a chain/necklace yet but what do you think?
Domino & Trial Lens Charms 001
Domino & Trial Lens Charms 002
Hope you're having a super day!


  1. Gorgeous Roni! And I would most definitely stop at your table and purchase. Love how the glass ones turned out!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Ooooh! Those are going to sell like hotcakes! Very pretty!

  3. These are gorgeous, Roni! They will sell!

  4. All so gorgeous! I was thrilled I got some of yours back in the charm swap! I think they will sell... everyone loves vintage looking jewelry!

  5. Love these little pendants! I'm sure they'll sell very well at the craft show! Good luck to you.

  6. The pendants are beautiful; I especially like the ones made from dominos. If I were at the show, I would SO buy one of your lovely polka dotted corset pendants!

  7. Love the corsets. I'm sure you will be busy selling these

  8. I wish I lived in your area and could come to this craft show!! I'd bring my wallet for sure! I adore the corset charms and all of the vintage ladies!!!


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