Thursday, October 18, 2012

Upcycled Treat Box

You all know by now that I just cannot throw anything away that "might" be recycled/upcycled into something spectacular.  Today I wanted to share a fun way to take one of these saved items and turn it into a way cool treat box for one of your little ghouls and bat boys....

Upcycled Treat Box

I don't know about you but I have several really neat product packages that have some sort of window in the front.    This is just one of the boxes I've been saving for a couple years now...  It originally held some chipboard letters that have long been used up BUT that box is just way too cool to toss :)  So I dug it out of my alterable cupboards and decided to do something with it.

Upcycled Treat Box 001

Initially I painted it, sides, bottom and inside.  I did not paint the sides of the box base...sometimes when you do that the paint makes it really hard to open and close the box.

Upcycled Treat Box 002

After the paint was dry I started gluing on wiggle eyes....lots and lots of wiggle eyes!  I glued several larger eyes on to start with then filled in around them with several smaller sizes.  I think I have like 5-6 different sizes.  But of course you can always just use what you have.  It will all come out looking cool in the end :)

Upcycled Treat Box 003

I covered the entire top and let them dry completely.

Upcycled Treat Box 004
Inside the box  I glued in several glittery skulls so it was still cool looking even after all the candy was gone....

Upcycled Treat Box 005

THEN I filled it with goodies :)

Upcycled Treat Box 006
It's now ready to delight!
Now I know it's a bit time consuming to do this for all of your Trick or Treat Ghosties but I'm sure there are one or two special little goblins that would enjoy receiving one of these really fun treat boxes.


  1. OMG! Googly-eyes then Boo! Love it!

  2. Love Love Love it! Also a great way to use all those little googly eyes lying around. The glitter skulls are just beautiful! Thanx so much for sharing and for the inspiration


  3. Very cute idea! Who doesn't love googly eyes!


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