Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Think Pink Mini Bra Inspiration Book

Today I wanted to share how to make this fun little Bra Inspiration Book with you all...

AP Pink Projects 027
AP Pink Projects 029
To start off with I pulled this nifty bra from the digital collage sheet - Thanks for the Support (Altered Pages)  and re sized it so it was 2.8"x5" and printed off two of the exact same image. 
I cut one entire image out which will be used as the base for the book....
AP Pink Projects 019
The second image I cut the smaller bra cups.  The cups will play a dual roll as a template for the accordion book as well as the cover of the book if you will.
We're going to pad our bra ;) with a little accordion book where you will be able to write inspiring notes, words of encouragement, prayers, etc to/for the recipient.  I took a sheet of 8.5x11" paper, scored and folded it several times.  You need to crease the folds really well so the book lays completely flat. 
Next, use the cut-out cups as a template ~ you want to make sure you leave a space at the top & bottom of the design that will remain uncut or you'll loose the accordion aspect. 
Cut your book out and ink the edges in a nice pink ink.
AP Pink Projects 020
Now it's time to ink the cut-out cups with the same pink ink used on the book.  Glue the cups to the book.
AP Pink Projects 022
Adhere the book to the main bra image.  You can align the cups so it fits seamlessly into the design.
AP Pink Projects 023
Cut the straps off the second image (that you cut the cups out of) and glue them to the foundation bra.  This just gives the book a bit of extra support.
AP Pink Projects 024
Now it's time to work on the hanger.  I used this pretty pink mica powder and a bit of embossing ink to cover the wood....
AP Pink Projects 025
Glue the straps to the front and back of the hanger. 
AP Pink Projects 026
Finish off your design by stamping or writing a nifty little sentiment and a bit of Stickles around the edges of the hanger.   I added a piece of ribbon as a closure to hold the book in place. 
AP Pink Projects 027
It's all set for you to write your little words of encouragement inside!


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