Friday, October 12, 2012

Tear Up your Stamped Images!

Yes, you read that correctly...
I want you to tear up your stamped images!!!


To turn it into a 3 D image of course!

This is a great technique to turn those flat boring images into 3D art. 
The best part of this technique?
It's simple, free and you'll end up with an image that is still mailable without breaking the bank!

Here's how to go about it....

Stamp your image on to your cardstock.  I'm using this cool skull image from 3rd Coast

3d stamping 001
Color the image if desired.  For this demo skull I just left it plain.  I did however color the skull I used on the finished card.
Trim the skull from the cardstock.
3d stamping 002
Now make a single tear about 1/2 down from the center of the skull.
3d stamping 004
Make additional tears in the image as desired.  I tore the skull two additional times - one on each side of the first tear.  You'll notice I tore these two angled towards the first.  This will give it a more credible look in the end...after all skulls are rounded, not flat. 
3d stamping 006
Next, curl the torn edges downward.  I used a paint brush handle but you could use whatever you have on hand.
3d stamping 007
I then inked the rolled exposed edges to give it a little bit of shadow.   I mounted it over my Dracula image using double stick foam tape.  You can't really tell from the photo but Dracula's arm is actually lifted over the skull to add to the 3 D look.
3d stamping 010
Here's a different can sort of see his arm in this shot.  The skull fragments really show up.
3d stamping 013
And here's the finished card.  Well, almost ~ I still need to add some sort of sentiment but you get the idea.
3d stamping 011
Now of course this will work on LOADS of images.  You just need to think outside the box.  For example, you could poke a hole in the center of a flower, tear several pieces of the flower outward and have a critter, fairy, wood nymph popping out of the center.  You could hide a ghost in a pumpkin; a kitty in a Christmas Tree; have a pilgrim peeking out between some turkey tail feathers; etc. 
So, the next time you're making a card...think about tearing it up a bit and see what you can come up with :)


  1. Woah! Stunning. What a great idea, thanks for sharing, and the card is absolutely gorgeous!! Right up my alley ... how I love this time of the year!
    Best, Suzanne

  2. Great card and technique! Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. What a great idea! Very clever! Thanks for showing how you used it and sharing the technique.

  4. Another winning idea from the creative genius of your brain! Roni, you are the last blog that I read before I go to bed which makes me wonder that if by Pacific Coast time, it is 1:24 am, what time is it by you and do you ever sleep?

    I am happy to say that rather than have vision of sugar plums dance in my head, I will be fixated on my stamp collection and which little gem will earn the right to have a 3D makeover. Mr. Sandman, ready ofpr not, here I come!

  5. What a really neat idea! Thank you.

  6. What a terrific, fun idea! I love it!

  7. Gaw!!!! What a great project!! That skull alone is awesome but when you give it a 3-D look and have a scary vampire/alien, zombie!

  8. Roni you are brilliant. This looks fantastic and the possibilities are endless. Blissful Creating Dear...


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