Monday, October 1, 2012

October Holidays & Observances

YES, it's back!
I know, they've been missing for quite a while... I like to change things up every so often and I'd hate for you to get board. 
BUT, lots of people have asked so my Holiday & Observances posts are back!
So here you go....
You know, this month is just jam packed with holidays and events...  I haven't posted them all - the post would be pages and pages long but I've posted quite a few.  Hope you enjoy!!
Flower:  Calendula & Cosmos
Zodiac Signs:  Libra  - Sept. 23 - Oct. 23  & Scorpio - Oct. 24 - Nov. 21 (that's me!)
Birthstone:  Opal, Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire
Month Long Observances:
American Cheese Month
Bat Appreciation Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Computer Learning Month
Country Music Month
Family History Month 
German/American Heritage Month
Gourmet Adventures Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
Italian/American Month
National Apple Month
National Book Fair Month
National Car Care Month
National Caramel Month
National Chili Month
National Cook Book Month   National Cookie Month
National Cosmetology Month
National Pork Month
National Seafood Month
National Stamp Collecting Month
(too bad they don't mean "rubber" stamps - lol)
National Tomato Month
Pear & Pineapple Month
Pizza Month
Polish American Heritage Month
Popcorn Poppin' Month
Positive Attitude Month
Sausage Month
Self Promotion Month
Squirrel Awareness Month 
(have you hugged your squirrel friend lately??)
World Menopause Month
(let's all take a mini tropical vacation!)
Weekly Observances
Week #1
Customer Service Week
Get Organized Week
National Chili Week 
Newspaper Week
Skin Care Awareness Week
Teller Appreciation Week
Yearbook Week
Week #2
American Beer Week 
Fire Prevention Week
Mystery Series Week
National Food Bank Week
National School Lunch Week 
National Work from Home Week
Space Week
Squirrel Awareness Week
Week #3
Pickled Peppers Week
Rainforest Week
Wildlife Week
Week #4 
Chicken Soup for the Soul Week
International Magic Week
Red Ribbon Week (Drug Free)
 Daily Observances
October 1
Farm Animal Day
Fire Pup Day
Model "T" Day
National Lace Day
WDW Opened (1971)
World Vegiterian Day
October 2
Charlie Brown & Snoopy's B-day (1950)
Gurardina Angel Day
Name Your Car Day
World Farm Animal Day
October 3
Balloons Around the World Day
Butterfly & Hummingbird Day
October 4
Cinnamon Roll Day
Golf Lovers Day
National Poetry Day
National Taco Day
World Pet Day (Pet Blessing Day)
October 5
Lee's National Denim Day
National Apple Betty Day
World Smile Day
World Teachers Day
October 6
International Frugal Fun Day
Mad Hatter Day
World Card Making Day!!!!
October 7
Ripe Pumpkin Day
National Frappe Day
World Communion Day
You Matter To Me Day (tell someone you love!)
October 8
Canada - Thanksgiving Day
Columbus Day
Native American Day
October 9
Curious Events Day
Moldy Cheese Day
National Chess Day (1976)
World Post Day
October 10
Angel Food Cake Day
Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day
International Top Spinning Day
Naval Acadamy Day
World Mental Health Day
October 11
Elevator Invented (1887)
SNL B-Day (1975)
October 12
Farmers Day
International Scream Day
Three Blind Mice Published (original version 1609)
World Egg Day
October 13
English Language Day
National Chess Day (2012 - guess Congress/Pres O. didn't know it passed in 1976!!!  Now we have two! Thank you very much....  And we pay them for this?!?!?)
Navy B-day (1775)
October 14
Alternative Fuel Day
Bald & Free Day
Chocolate Covered Insect Day
Grover's B-Day (Sesame Street - 1970)
October 15
"I Love Lucy" Day
International Day of Rural Women
National Grouch Day
National Mushroom Day
October 16
Bosses Day
Dictionary Day! (I love dictionaries!!)
Face Your Fears Day
World Food Day
October 17
Mulligan Day
National Fossil Day
National Pasta Day
Wear Something Gaudy Day
October 18
Alaska Day (1867)
Little Orphan Annie's B-day (1922)
National Chocolate Cupcake Day
World Menopause Day
October 19
Mammography Day
Star Spangled Banner (first sung 1814)
October 20
Bridge Day
Monster Mash Day (1962)
Sweetest Day
October 21
Babbling Day
Garbanzo Bean Day (a.k.a. Chickpea, Hummus)
Reptile Awareness Day
October 22
National Color Day (how colors effect your every day life)
National Nut Day
October 23
Canned Food Day
National Mole Day
October 24
Food Day
National Bologna Day
United Nations Day
October 25
National Denim Day
Pablo Picasso B-Day (1881)
Sourest Day
World Pasta Day
October 26
Frankenstein Friday
International Bandanna Day
International Red Cross B-Day (1863)
Mince Meat Day
Mule Day
National Breadstick Day
October 27
Ink Stained Roni's B-Day - It's a holiday here :)
Make a Difference Day
National Forgiveness Day
Navy Day
October 28
Mother In Law Day
National Chocolates Day
Plush Animal Lovers Day
Statue of Liberty B-day  (1886)
October 29
Hermit Day
Internet Day
National Cat Day
October 30
Devil's Night
National Candy Corn Day
October 31
Carve Your Pumpkin Day
Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
National Caramel Apple Day
National Knock-Knock Joke Day
National Magic Day
Scare A Friend Day
And of course to help celebrate the month I've got a fun Halloween themed give-a-way!
Simply tell me what your favorite holiday/observance is for the month of October and you'll be entered to win!
You have until 10-15 to post your comment!
Good Luck
Happy October!!


  1. National Denim Day 10/25..What can I say I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.

  2. My favorite October observance is 10/2, my wedding anniversary...13 years tomorrow. And taking a close second would have to be Squirrel Awareness Week (grin).

  3. Love National Cat Day on the 29th... and a Happy Birthday to you on the 27th!

  4. Oct 7- You matter to me day. What a great reason for celebration!! Of course I LOVE Halloween as well, and Oct. 23 my daughter and son in laws anniversary, and Oct 5 cuz my son is a teacher, and of course, the 15 and the 2nd cuz I do Love Lucy and Charlie Brown/Snoopy. Oh and the 16th cuz, well, who doesn't love food? and several more because we have a LOT of October birthdays in our family!! :D LOL, October is just an all around good month to be alive isn't it?! :D

  5. Squirrel Awareness Week - my dad puts peanuts out for the squirrels and one of them taught itself to come up on the railing to the back steps and ring the doorbell. The squirrel would wait for my dad to open the door and would take the peanut from my dad's hand

  6. October 4th - World Pet Day (Pet Blessing). I love that we have a Pet blessing day. I love our furry family members and feel blessed that they have chosen me to love everyday.

    If I can have a second favorite day it would be Name your car Day. I find this helps bring humor into our daily lives.
    sue r

  7. Breast cancer awareness is my favorite, followed (of course) by Halloween.


  8. See, this is why I love you, Roni! Thank you for this list!

  9. Italian Heritage Month. Some of my fondest memories are of my Italian grandparent's farm, the food and music.

  10. October is my fav month all around my b'day ic oct 7 my honeys' b'day oct 20 pet day oct 4 (I have a bunny) and of course!!

  11. October 21st - Babbling day!! made me laugh - I think this is a day made for me :)

  12. I guess my favorite observance for the month of October is one not even on your list, but is dear to my heart. It is Bully Awareness Month. Anyone who has ever been bullied deserves a special recognition. From school buses to the classroom to the lunchroom, kids are bullied each day, while adults are bullied in their workplaces by superiors, or in their homes by their spouses. I know it's not a humorous or fun event, but it is one that deserves recognition and respect.

  13. International Frugal Fun day sounds like a winner to me!! Finding ways to have fun and not spend a ton is always tops in my book! Oh yeah, and I HAVE to vote for Squirrel Awareness month, just because!

  14. What a COOL list of observances and holidays :)
    HALLOWE'EN has Always been my Favorite holiday!!!

  15. Halloween is a favorite for sure!! But October 6th... world card making day is right up there too!!! But October 27 looks important too. :o) And October 9th is awfully curious....

  16. October 17 is my birthday so I guess I could pick that, but I am thinking of not having any more birthdays ;) So I guess Halloween is my favorite to decorate and dress up for. Thanks for this list Roni - now I have some trivia for my friends!

  17. October has so many wonderful "Days" that it's hard to pick faves. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is so important I hope all women take notice and watch for signs of this terrible disease!!

  18. My favorite holiday is Halloween~ LOVE IT!
    Happy Birthday Month, Roni!

  19. Roni, thank you so much for sharing this fun list. I forwarded the information to my son to share with his sixth grade students.

    October has to be one of my favorite months starting with my daughter's birthday on 10/22 and my 30th wedding anniversary on 10/30. My life has been blessed in so many ways!

    Lee National Denim day on 10/5 is also near and dear to my heart. The Lee Company supports the Breast Cancer Awareness effort on this day. When I was a principal, my school took up this cause as a way to to celebrate the lives of all of those special individuals who either bravely won their battle with cancer, or who bravely lost their life to this disease. The Lee Company provides individuals, companies, and small businesses with great, free resources to make your campaign efforts a success. I am proud to say that since my retirement, my school continues to support this effort. It is truly a wonderful, authentic way to teach the children of our communities the importance of caring for others.

  20. My fav holiday for October is Halloween. My son gets to dress up and have fun w/ his cousins :)


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!