Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fight Like a Girl Post It Note Holder

Today I wanted to share how to make this fun Post It Note holder for 4x4 post it notes.  Of course it will work with all sorts of post it pads but you'll have to do a bit of adjusting on the measurements.  I will be making one later in the year (for Christmas) using the regular 3x3 size pads.

First you're going to cut a strip of cardstock 12x4.5"   Now score the cardstock at the following points....

AP Pink Projects 001
Now, fold three of the 1/2" sections over and make two cuts as shown about 1" apart near the center of the fold.
AP Pink Projects 002
Bend this fold so the cut section is out and the ends are pressed toward the center of the holder.  This is going to be the pen holder.
AP Pink Projects 003
Now you bend the other three creases so they form a wall beside the pen area and a tab that you will glue to the holder as shown.
AP Pink Projects 004
Apply glue to these three areas....
AP Pink Projects 005
Pinch and adhere the folds as shown.  You now have the right side of your holder finished!
AP Pink Projects 006
Flip the strip of cardstock over.  Fold and glue the 1/2" strip on this side down.  This is just an extra re-enforcing edge to give your holder a bit more durability.
AP Pink Projects 007
Insert and glue the post it note pad down beside the pen holder.
AP Pink Projects 008
And your basic Post-It Note Holder is finished!
AP Pink Projects 009
AP Pink Projects 010
It's time to decorate.  Gather up your desired images and embellish the front as desired.  These are all from Altered Pages.
AP Pink Projects 011
And here is my finished holder....
AP Pink Projects 012
AP Pink Projects 016
AP Pink Projects 017
Simple as that!
These note holders make great stocking stuffers as well as a nice little gift to have on hand for any occasion!


  1. I love this Roni! Thank you so much for the tutorial. So easy to follow.

    Elaine Allen

  2. LOVE IT!! Thanks for a great tutorial too! The ones I make have the pen on the other side and this is so much better! Thanks!!!

  3. I wondered how the oen holder was made. Thanjs!!

  4. Great easy to follow step by step. Thanks for sharing, especially as it's getting close to Christmas and these would make great little thank you gifts

  5. Thank you Roni for once again, providing such clear, and concise instructions. As you suggested, these post it holders are the perfect gift to have on hand. I can easily imagine so many different ways to personalize this gift for each of those wonderful and unique individuals in our life!

  6. Very cute and simple. Great for a small gift!

  7. I don't know if I ever thanked you for your tutorials (vs. a youtube), but I appreciate the fact that you do the tutorials the way you do. I'm not always where I can play a video, but I can almost always copy and paste to read or do later. Thank you for your format!

  8. That's just darling, Roni! Thank you for the tutorial!

  9. very cute Roni! I think I need to make me some for the holiday season! they make great little stocking stuffers.

  10. I missed your cigar box purse finish and had to read back posts. Tres Chic! I love how it turned out. This note pad with pen is wonderful and will be a fabulous gift for so many...especially volunteers at work. Thank you dear for always sharing your techniques. Creative Bliss...

  11. Great idea! And I absolutely LOVE those stamps! :)

  12. Thank you very much Ronni, such a good idea!

  13. That's genius. Doing a cover for post it notes would make it stay clean. Plus you can have it whenever, wherever you need it.


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