Thursday, October 4, 2012

Altered Cigar Box Purse - Pt 1

There are all sorts of cigar boxes out there - large ones, small ones, rectangles, squares, wood, pressed cardboard.... I think every time they come up with a new and different brand they make a different box.  BUT, that's a good thing because you can use any of them to make an altered cigar purse!!

cigar box purse 002

I am going to be using this nice wood cigar box which already has this nifty little closure on it.  Now if your cigar box of choice doesn't have a closure you can always find lots of web-sites that have a wide variety of closures, handles, corners, feet, etc.  I did find this awesome place...UMX - they carry an entire line of products for making cigar box purses...heck they even have the boxes!  I have to warn you though their web-site is a big clunky to find prices and order. 

cigar box purse 003

The next thing I do is mark and drill holes for my handles.  I like to do this before I begin adding paint or papers.  Just in case I slip or measure wrong, I won't mess up my finished design and I can cover any mistakes ;)  LOL!!

cigar box purse 006

You can cover your cigar box with just about anything you can think of...papers, collage images, paint, ink, fabrics, rubber stamping, spray dye inks, etc.  Whatever your heart desires!  I am going to be using a combination of paint and pattern paper. 

I first painted the top and bottom of my cigar box with black acrylic paint.  Next I pulled out a few papers I wanted to use....these sheets from the Printery collection from Prima.

cigar box purse 007

I cut them up into smaller pieces and inked the edges brown.

cigar box purse 008

Next I began gluing them down to the cigar box using my favorite collage medium - Collage Pauge by Aleene's. 

cigar box purse 009

Some of your papers may hang over the edges...  simply tear away the excess, sand and ink the new edge.

cigar box purse 010

Here is what my first side looks like.  You will notice I worked around the original cigar label.  I thought it would be fun to leave it even though it will be upside down.  Don't worry about trying to cover the lid & box separately.  We'll take care of that in a jiffy. 

cigar box purse 011

Once you've got all 4 sides covered you can now go back with your exacto knife and cut the paper that is covering the lid.    Simply slit down the paper....

cigar box purse 012

then sand and ink the new edges.

cigar box purse 013

After you've got all the edges inked it's time for the first coat of sealer.   I usually put one or two coats using the same collage medium I use to glue the paper down.   I work on two sides at a time, let them dry completely, then coat the other two sides.    After they have all cured for a couple hours I repeat the process.

cigar box purse 014 cigar box purse 015
Now, this is where I'm going to leave it but I won't be able to post part 2 until next Tuesday.
Tomorrow is Altered Pages Fall/Halloween Blog Hop and Monday is Altered Pages Pink Hop for Breast Cancer.  You'll want to stop by both days as there are LOADS of prizes being given away!
See you soon!


  1. This wooden cigar box purse will be fabulous with your creative handywork. You must be uber have "Ink Stained" hands my dear. Creative Bliss...

  2. Roni, this wooden box is fantastic. Having a solid subject like that to work with secures the fact that it will last for a long time. I'm lovin' the papers you're using. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Very awesome! I have several cigar boxes in my art room that are calling my name.....

  4. Your cigar box will turn out lovely, I'm sure. My Mom used to have a purse out of wood. I wonder if she made it? It had a large butterfly design on it with "faux" jewels glued on to accent the butterfly. Anyway, this would be a fun project!

  5. Absolutely love the coffin - my favorite things - crows and E.A Poe, and of course Halloween. Plus can't wait to see part 2 of cigar box purse.

  6. Ohh, I have some pretty boxes with those nice closures.
    I have to give it a trY. Thank you for this push!!


  7. I like the papers you're using for it.

  8. This is looking great already!! I have a lot of wood cigar boxes ... so you've inspired me to make one!!

  9. Brilliant project, love the papers you are using.


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