Monday, July 16, 2012

Shattered Glass Technique II

Last week I shared the basic instructions for the Shattered Glass Technique.
Well today I wanted to share a variation of that technique which is a bit more precise and segmented.

While the basic instructions are the set up instructions are the same...

Tear your choice of tape (masking, tissue or washi tape) into tiny thin strips.  I used tissue tape for the first example because that's what I had handy.  Someone asked about masking or painters tape so I went in search of and found a small left-over roll of our blue painters tape.  

NOTE: If you do use masking or painters tape you'll need to first un stick some of the stickie-ness...I simply stuck the tape to my shorts (cotton/poly knit) and peeled if off 4-5x.  It picked up enough lint to make it just the right tackiness.

Begin to place the strips on your cardstock in whatever patter you desire.

Shattered Glass II 001

Shattered Glass II 002

Next instead of just stamping willie nillie I pulled some scrap paper out, tore it into strips and used it to mask off each section I created with the tape.  I then stamped into each cell with a different image.

Shattered Glass II 003

and here is what it looked like at this point....

Shattered Glass II 004
(All stamps are from StampersBest)

Next I added some ink to the entire piece ~ Graber however decided it was time for him to be the center of my world and jumped up on my lap then the table for a closer look!

Shattered Glass II 006

Here is the card with the ink applied and Graber removed ;)

Shattered Glass II 007

And it's time to carefully remove the tape.  You will notice there is one tiny spot where the tape was still a bit too sticky (by the brown corset dress form) but it doesn't look too bad.

Shattered Glass II 008

And finally ~ my finished card!

Shattered Glass II 011

A closer look at the fashion ticket...

Shattered Glass II 012

So, there you go!
Another fun way to use the same basic technique and achieve an entirely different look.
I hope you decide to give it a try as it really is a fun technique to play around with.


  1. Love these two techniques. Really interesting and unusual. Also appreciate the emphasis on stamping and not 3D embellishment. Makes it suitable for a mailable card. Thanks.

  2. Great card Roni - LoVE Stampers Best stamps!!!

  3. That loots like a really versatile stamp set that would see a lot of action at my desk.. TFS


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