Monday, July 2, 2012

Postage Stamp Charms

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all survived the massive storm that went through on Friday!  It hit us with a fury but thankfully our end of town was topped this spring so no limbs down on lines and we still have electricity!  I know there are many folks that don't and won't have power for several days ~ what's even worse are the 90 & 100+ temps forecast for this week.  I hope that if you know someone who is w/o power that you urge them to seek shelter at a cooling center for at least part of the day so they have some reprieve from the scorching temps.

Recently I was talking about postage stamps and by chance my ds bought me several bags of stamps this past weekend while he was visiting an antique tractor show.  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to incorporate them into a charm!

Stamps come in several sizes with a variety of themes and colors....

Postage Stamp Charms 001

The first thing I did was to glue the stamp face down onto the charm....  I used 3D Crystal Lacquer but there are any number of glues that will work.

Postage Stamp Charms 002

After it was dry I sanded off the excess paper....

Postage Stamp Charms 003

Here is what they look like at this point...

You have a choice from can either coat them with a layer of the lacquer to seal the stamp or you can glue a piece of ephemera/pattern paper to the back to protect the stamp.  Either way your charm is sure to be a hit!

Postage Stamp Charms 005

Now you're not just limited to acrylic charms...Here I've used a few more stamps paired with "fillable" charms...  Simply glue your stamp to the charm then fill with desired glue/lacquer. 
Postage Stamp Charms 006

You can see how cool they turned out....

Postage Stamp Charms 007

An Irish Stamp....

Postage Stamp Charms 008

I made this one for myself :)

Postage Stamp Charms 011

So there you go...
remember to always check your envelope for postage stamps...
they come in soooo handy!!!


  1. Fabulous charms!

  2. Hmmmm...this was an idea floating around in my head for the charm I don't know if I need to do it or not - LOL

  3. How cool is that! You are so awesome!

  4. Those look FABULOUS!! Especially love the fillable charms...that Marilyn image is awesome!

  5. AWESOME! I have so many stamps that I have saved and these are great. I will now have to get some of the charms and start playing.


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