Monday, July 9, 2012

Nifty Background Idea...One Stamp - Lots of Ink!

Today I wanted to share a card I recently made... 

I was inspired by an old 70's commercial I saw while dh was flipping through the channels one night.  It was sort of a wave shape that was comprised of various shades of yellow, orange and brown ~ typical 70's.  I thought that I could do basically the same thing and take one stamp, a few colors of ink and really make something that would pop. 

I am really pleased with the results and I think it will make you take a second look at all of the stamps in your stash.

Here is what I came up with....

So here is what I did...

I started off by gathering 3-4 shades of ink per color. I'm sure for most of us this won't be a problem but if you find that you don't have as many shades as you would like, several companies offer tiny ink cubes that you can usually find for $ 0.99 - $1.25.  A great bargain! 
 Since I was using this little boy I went with shades of green, blue and purple.

I cut an over-sized piece of cardstock ~ it made following the pattern a bit easier since I could work with the design on a larger scale.

Next I started with the blue wave by stamping lightest to darkest...stamp color A, wipe, reposition and stamp color B, wipe, reposition and stamp color C.  Each time I stamped just a tiny bit to the right and either up or down depending on where I was in the wave pattern.
NOTE: I stamped my wave pattern free hand but of course you could always draw a pencil line wave as a stamping guideline that you could later erase once you were finished.

After I had stamped my shades of blue I used the boys head and feet as stamping guidelines for the green and purple images.

I think it turned out pretty cool and by adding a simple sentiment box it really makes the background stand-out which is exactly what I was going for!

Now it's your turn!
Pull out a favorite stamp, your ink and paper to see what kind of wave you can create!


  1. What a clever idea! Really like it! Thanks for explaining how you did it too. Will try this for sure!

  2. This turned out great Roni! It would be easy to play around with this technique.

  3. I love this wave technique, Roni! I will have to check out my stamps and see if I have something that will work...or, I just might have to buy something! hehe What I absolutely love about this project is the source of your inspiration! Cool!

  4. Totally cool!!! Love the colors you went with!
    I'm not much of a card maker but I could see something like this in my art journal! Thanks Roni!

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