Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Halloween Bamboo Tile (Domino) Charm

Today I wanted to share a fun way to use those bamboo domino tile pieces and turn it into a nifty Halloween charm....

First you need to print the desired images onto cardstock.  I am using a few images from the Mini Holiday (AP698) sheet from Altered Pages.
Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 002

Trim the images and glue them to the tile.  After they are dry, sand away the excess paper.

Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 004

Next to add that extra bit of vintage feel I inked all of the sanded edges with brown ink using the Ink Blending Tool.

Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 005

You of course could stop here but it's always fun to add that extra little bit of something special so I pounced the edges of each tile in clear embossing ink...

Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 006

then dipped it into Stamp n Bond embossing powder.  If you've never worked with Stamp n Bond before once it's heated the powder magically turns into a sticky adhesive!  GREAT for use with flock, foils, metal leafing, etc.  It's great stuff :)

Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 007

After you've dipped it in the SnB, heat to melt the powder and let it cool a bit.

Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 008

Next, I chose to use copper metallic foil to cover the glue...  You simply press the silver side of the foil into the sticky glue and peel the plastic away.  The foil is left behind on the glue! 

Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 010

Now, add a length of wire and a few little beads if desired....

Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 011

And you've got yourself a way cool Halloween charm!!

Halloween Bamboo Tile Charm 017

Now it's your turn to have some fun :)


  1. I love those! I need to use up some of my tiles.

  2. Love them!!!!! Thanks for a great idea!!! :)

  3. Love them!! but.... how do you attach the wire to the tiles?

  4. Girl, these are almost exactly like the ones I'mmaking for the halloween swap! Great minds! :O)

  5. Love your trinkets and charms, Roni!

  6. Love these!! yes, I'm still around checking in on your blog...lol... I've just had a crazy busy couple of months and, well, there's not enough time in the day for everything I love to do!

  7. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Shortly after I read this blog (and bookmarked it) I headed off to the local thrift shop to scrounge for crafts supplies. As if the Crafts Goddess were guiding my steps, I wandered into a room I don't often bother checking out. There I found four placemats made out of what look like the same bamboo tiles you've shown here. I've never seen bamboo tiles like yours before, and didn't know where to buy them. Eureka, now I have dozens of them, predrilled holes and all. Can't say I like the placemats, but I immediately saw the potential for the individual tiles. BTW, the price stickers on the back showed they came from Kohl's. Charms galore, cheap. Thanks for the timely post.


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