Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wicked New Magnetic Nail Polish!

I normally don't paint my nails because they get so beat up...most of the time they look pretty rough but for some reason right now they look pretty good.  Well today while we were shopping I saw a brand new nail polish by Sally Hansen - Magnetic Nail Polish!

I'm tellin' you this stuff is awesome!

Check it out....

You paint your nail with a base coat (which I didn't)
then you paint a coat of the magnetic polish and let it dry.

Then you paint a thick second coat of the magnetic polish then immediately hold the lid/magnet over your nail.

Somehow it creates these wicked swirl both light and dark colors. 
I have NO idea how it works but I love it!

It's very striking in person so if you see it in the store and wonder if it works, take it from me, it does and it's really cool :)


  1. You had me at magnetic! LOL It does look really cool!

  2. Neat! Might have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. How fun is that! Will definitely have to buy some; my girls will love it. Thanks for sharing, Roni!

  4. Hope I can find it in the store, I am sure my girls will love it, I do!

  5. that is cool looking. Its hard to tell what they will come up with next. crazy stuff out there now adays


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