Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LOTS of Winners and More!

Today youngest DS and I went shopping for food and supplies for this weekend ~ his graduation party! I can't believe he's out of high school now... He's a really good kid but school never agreed with him.  He is a hands on learner...the by the book teachers at our school haven't figured out how to teach kids like him.  Needless to say it's been a struggle but he found his gift in the vocational school program - Auto Body & Collision Repair.  His teacher said he's got a natural talent for it so he's starting his own auto detailing business on the side and will work at our business the rest of the time.  Here he is below...we went to the zoo last week - Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo - and I took these while we were there.  (I'll share more fun zoo pics later this week)

and here he is with his girlfriend...Morgan...

I also have several winners to announce....

****First, the winner of the Rubber Stamp Madness magazine is....

(Honest, I didn't cheat - picked her name)


Anonymous said...
I'm in the process of making a folding birthday book/card for my secret sister. You'll see it when I bring it over for you to bind..... Love MOM
My favorite is the tiger, but I admit I get a kick out of watching the otters play too! :) Thanks for offering up these fun stamps!

****The winners of the first 5 sets of BlackBerry Designs collage sheets are....


I couldn't find the names of these papers but I really liked DFT 104 & 105. They're all fun but these 2 were my favorites! Thanks for the giveaway!


I don't see where the names are, but there is one with allot of fairies very vintage looking Item# DFT128, and then alice in wonderland of course! and major congrats on the happy mail that is awesome!
I like the DFT 116 the best, but those mice are so cute! Thank you for the opportunity to win some goodies Roni!
My favorite is DFT 104(Pirates)-not your typical Fairy Tale..but that is me, too! I also like DFT 114(Fairy Heroes) All the sheets are so cool, it was hard to choose!


Debbie G

Mother Goose, Mother Hubbard are my favs #DFT121. Would love to win these. Thanks
Oh, I love the images of two or more ladies together. I have several friends that would love getting a card with something like those on them. Great images.
Thanks for you inspiration.
Candy Meyers


DF130 is my favorite. The rosy cheeks remind me of Norman Rockwell images, and they are always so cheerful! And who doesn't need a little more cheerful in their life?
My favorite sheets ar DF119 & DF121. But I really liked all of them

calamity jane

calamity janesaid...
Stickles is always the answer!! Love the glasses case! Graber is adorable! I have pics of my Border Collie is a little bed just like this one. He laid it long after he was too big!!

Now these images are too cool! My faves are #107 (advertisements) and 140 (I can see putting witty sayings with these gals!)

Thanks again Roni!!!


  1. Woohoo! Thanks so much! I love those safari stamps! :)

  2. I am hoping that this is the correct blogsite. I thoroughly love DL104, DL105, DL120, DL153, and DL159. I have always loved flowers and my bedroom definitely proves that. It would be fun to try to win something. Thanks for the great website. You are an inspiritation.

  3. congrats to all the winner's


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