Thursday, May 10, 2012

A few Mother's Day Cards to inspire....

While they are all very different in style they are all very easy to make. 
All of the stamps used are by Just For Fun Rubber Stamps and are paired with a variety of techniques.

This first card pairs the darling mother duck & her ducklings with a piece of background flowery paper I made using my alcohol ink flower technique.

This card has a wax paper resist background for this amazing Mom!

I love how clean and simple this card is but the colors and image really make a statement.

And finally, you know me and vintage...
I couldn't pass up making at least one card with my favorite vintage feel to it.

I hope these cards inspire you to create to your hearts content!
And remember...the sentiment can be switched out and used for any occasion!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. Each of these is unique, yet all carry the same message! I just love the variety. These stamps are really special, yet, in your hands, they are masterful! Happy Mother's Day, Roni Johnson!


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