Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bottle Cap Key Chain for Dad

I thought since Father's Day is coming up in a few short weeks that it might be fun to start sharing a few fun ideas for gifts for dad.

Today I wanted to share a fun gift that works for not only Dad but anyone on your gift list...

Bottle Cap Key Chain


Bottle Cap
Collage Image (Altered Pages)
Circle die-cutter, punch, etc.
Crystal Lacquer
Jump Ring
Key Chain Finding


1. Cut 2 collage images for each key chain.  You can do so by hand-cutting (if you're steadier than I am) use a circle paper punch or use these nifty dies I have that fit the bottle cap perfectly!

2. Next, smash the bottle cap...I personally like to do so with a hammer...a few good whacks and the cap is smashed and as an added benefit you get to work out any frustrations you might be harboring - LOL!!  After you have smashed the cap, use a nail to poke a hole in the rim of the bottle cap.  This will be used later on to attach the cap to the key ring finding.

3. Ink up the edges of the images with desired color of ink.  I'm using brown but you can use whatever you like.

4. Now glue one image to the front and one image to the back of the bottle cap.  Let them dry completely.

5. Next, completely cover one of the image with the Crystal Lacquer and let it dry over night. 

6. Next day, flip the cap over and cover the second image and let it dry over night.

7. After the images have dried completely affix the cap to the key ring finding with a jump ring and you're all set!

(NOTE: This cap hasn't been covered in CL...it has been so humid here that the CL isn't drying as quickly as I'd like so I had to substitute this one in its place.)

And there you go....
a super fun gift for anyone on your crafty gift giving list!
Dad, Graduate, Wedding Party....etc.


  1. What a cool idea! I even have all the stuff!!

  2. Super nifty Roni!!! This could be used in so many ways! Tfs:)

  3. Something I can make and give to the girls in our office (We are up to five now and to buy something for each one can get costly). I think everyone will like these.


  4. thats an awesome idea I love this


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