Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Black Berry Designs #3 - Crackled Glass Organizer

I have another fun project using Black Berry Designs Tissue Paper Collage Images!

This is a fun way to recycle and create a fun organizer at the same time.  I am using a mayonnaise jar as the base for my project!  I I keep everything?  pretty much - lol...  I am having a real issue though, I keep things to make stuff out of then I have the stuff I created too!   I'm considering opening a booth at a semi-local craft's $50.00 a month ~ I'm not sure if it would be worth it or not.

Anyway, I'm rambling.... on to the project.

Crackled Glass Recycled Organizer


Mayonnaise or other glass jar
Tissue Collage Images
Rock Candy
Distress Stain


1. Wash and dry the jar so there are no oils from your skin on the jar.

2. Trim the desired images from your collage sheets.  I am using roses and vintage fans for this project.

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 009

3. Now using the Rock Candy as your glue, apply a coat of the RC to the area you will be placing the first image.   Press the image into the RC and smooth the tissue image out using your finger.  Yes, this is messy but it's the best way I've found to apply these images.

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 010

4. Apply any additional images on this side of the jar you desire. 

5.  After all images have been added to this side apply a second coat of the Rock Candy to this side of the jar.  Let it dry completely.

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 011

6. After the first portion of the jar has dried, rotate the jar and continue adding additional images and layers of Rock Candy until the entire jar has been covered with images.

Let it dry completely.  You can't really see the crackles all that much but just wait....

BBD 012

7.  Now pounce desired color of Distress Stain over the jar.  You'll notice that the crackle REALLY pops now!

BBD 009

Here is what my jar looks like at this point.....

BBD 010

8.  Finish the jar off by adding whatever extra embellishments you would like around the top of the jar.  I added a nifty beaded garland mom and I found in Shipshewana, a bit of ribbon, a vintage key and key hole.

BBD 014

And here it is.....  Filled with my vintage rulers.

BBD 015 BBD 016

And there you go...
another way cool way to use those tissue paper collage images!

Now, it's time for another give-a-way!

Go to the Floral & Foliage section and tell me what your favorite image(s) are....

Mine are any of the Vintage Cabbage Roses and DL201 the Pansies.
Just beautiful!

You will have until  6-6-12 to post your favorites to be entered to win one of 5 sets of Blackberry Design Collage Sheets!!

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. I love the fall leaves sheets!

  2. They're all so gorgeous, but I'm partial to the fans and the purple flowers. Thanks!

  3. Item# DL127(ferns?) is my favorite!

  4. This is almost too hard to pick. They're all gorgeous. Have to go with the pansies DL104 and my all time favorite lilacs DL208.
    Thanks. Donna

  5. The images are all beautiful but I'd have to pick DL138, DL157 and DL209.

  6. Pick one??? Flower & Foliage Item# DL215 I guess... But that's almost an impossible task. Great project. I think I'd change it up just a little by adding some weight to the bottom of the jar. I have some fine beads they use for weighting dolls that I'd use in the bottom, maybe I'd make a little fabric pillow so the jar wouldn't be 'tippy'. I love how it came out, though. Never would have thought of that.

  7. I simply love DL104, DL105, DL120, DL153, and DL159. What a list of trying to decide what is the prettiest.

  8. DL104 are to die for. Just gorgeous. :)

  9. Love the Pansy's Dl104. They remind me of my Grandmother. She loved them.
    debbi g

  10. It's so hard to pick a favorite, they are all so pretty. I guess I would have to go with the lovely hummingbirds on #DL120. Thanks, Roni!

  11. I think if I had choose just one, I would go with DL157 seed packets

  12. I haven't heard of them before but I can't wait to have a good look through their site. So hard to choose but I love DL151 vintage hands and blue blossoms.
    Love the jar.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. This recycled jar is fantastic! My favorite Floral sheet is DL104. Love those vintage pansies! Thank you so much Roni for sharing your talents.

  14. Hi Roni!! Yes, I save everything too, from nut cans to jars to fruit juice containers!!! I have quite a few just waiting to be! Love your "new" mayonnaise I'm going to start saving those..hehe.
    My favorite sheets are DL101, DL104, and DL109...and all the rest..ha! To hard to pick just one!

  15. My favorite is DL159 I'm sure Mom had this rose in her garden.

  16. Lovely job on the jar! My favorite sheets are BL110 and BL117.

  17. Hi: love what you done with that jar. I don't have rock candy where I live but I think I can do something similar with glue and crackle pain. I love the roses DL102 collage, but all of them are amazing. Thanks.

  18. I love how you did that jar. I too like to do things with left over food jars. I havent did any collage work yet using crackle rock candy. I will have to get me some and try this. Looks like it would be really cool looking in real life.
    You did a great job on it.
    My favorite sheet would have to be
    Flowers & Foliage
    Item# DL161 Because it has morning glories in it and thats my favorite flower.
    thanks for another chance to win some awesomeness

  19. I love them all but I think my favorite is DL 110, the Lilacs.

  20. DL104 and DL208 pansies and favorites flowers! Your jar turned out so neat!

  21. They are all so amazing, and I love your project! Although, if I had to choose a coupl I would have to pick DL139 because of the colors and DL109 with the pretty girls in it but they are all so beautiful!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!