Thursday, February 2, 2012

Odd Weather Phenomenon?!?!

Hey Everyone...

You all know how inept I am at computer/digital things.  Well, yesterday I FINALLY figured out how to take the photos off of my phone - LOL!!!  Mind you, it's not a fancy phone (IPhone), just a regular old phone with a camera capability so I don't use it a whole lot so it was never really important.

Well, a few weeks ago dh and I were driving over to our building and I saw the wildest looking clouds...  I've never seen anything like it in my life.  It looked like sheets hanging from a know how you drape them over 2-3 lines and it dips in the center.   Or it also looks like upside down waves...

Check it out....




Does anyone know what this is or means?

I've tried to search but since I don't know what it's called I can't find anything about them or what causes them.  It was pretty wild though. 
Thought I was Chicken Little there for a bit....
the sky is falling, the sky is falling!


  1. I think they are gravity wave clouds. The middle picture on this site looks similar. But your photos are soooo much better. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Very cool pics! Maybe they're a form of mammatus cloud? mammatus clouds on wiki

  3. I have never seen those kind of clouds before Roni. They look like mountain ranges. Thanks for showing us the pictures. I love all the cool things that nature does!

  4. they look cool... but lately in Alabama when the sky looks weird I just want to take cover!

  5. Cool!! Love how nature makes us "look"! Thanks Jay for filling in the "What kind of clouds are these?" I'll remember this and look for clouds like this again!!

  6. Very interesting. I, too, am amazed at nature. God made plenty of things in nature to intrigue us, didn't He? Remember several years back when we (in Indiana) had snow rollers? Those were the neatest things! I wish I would have taken more photoss of those!

  7. I believe these are a newly classified cloud formation called altocumulus asperatus. If this is true this type of cloud does not produce rain or a storm but can be seen following convective thunderstorm activity. It is believed they form from warm air meeting cold causing a turbulent effect. For more amazing cloud formations check out the cloud appreciation society web site~yes I kid you not.

  8. Cool clouds! I'd love to see something similar IRL!

    I'd also suggest asperatus as Carolyn did above:

    First saw them in this fab picture gallery:

  9. It means that God is cool and can make some cool clouds!! ;)

    Love ya Sweetie!!


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