Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Back!! Swap Update

We had a wonderful time down in KY...lots of nice weather (in the 50's) and only a little rain on Thursday so it was super.  We picked up the sewing machine without any trouble (it's an industrial 25" long arm Singer machine for those who asked).  It's missing some parts but it was a very good price and dh has everything to put it back together so that   We hit many many cool antique malls and flea markets ~ found lots of goodies to craft and share.  Can't wait to share them with you!  Dh and I had a very nice relaxing time of it...

I wanted to update all of the swappers on what I rec'd over the last several days....

First Theresa ~ your postage envie arrived safe and sound :) Beautiful card btw!

505whimsygirl - your ATC's are in the house :) Love them all but Embrace life is beautiful!!

Katy D - Your die-cuts arrived as well ~ I hope you do join the next charm swap...I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!!!

Lori W. - Your beautiful die-cuts are here as well... Those key's/locks are awesome!  Thanks for the extras!

Claudine ~ your ATC's have arrived...they are super!!  I really like the ones you made using corrugated cardboard!  Way cool.

Shelly - Your Die-cuts made it and it's packaged up so nice and neat I haven't even opened it yet.  I figured everything was tucked in there so nice I would leave it that way until I get ready to swap them out.

Paula ~ your ATC's are here safe and sound... You have more than enough postage ~ I'll return the extra with your swap :)  Thank you for the extra set of ATC's and the ribbon.  I've never seen those packages of ribbon...very cool!

Ginny ~ Your beautiful Die-Cuts are in the house!  I LOVE that border, it's beautiful!!  I saw you e-mailed.  I'm working my way through them and will return your e-mail soon :)  Thanks for the extras - can't wait to play!


Hopefully everyone else is getting them ready to go...  The swap is due Wednesday and as long as I know your envie is postal I'll wait for it.  I know some people have e-mailed your envie has been sent ~ thanks!  I'll let you know as soon as it arrives!


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. I just love hitting antique stores, thrift stores and flea markets. Your DH is one handy dude!!! Very cool.

    Glad everything got there o.k.


  2. Sounds like my kind of anniversary! So sad I did not have time for this swap, it sound like it is yet another fabulous one!

  3. My, how time flies - Just letting you know that I am placing die cuts in the mail today (Tues)

  4. Sounds like a great time! Hollie and I have ours in the mail...hope they get there soon....

  5. Sounds like a great trip! Glad the pkg arrived- I sent you some goodies- hope you will enjoy them. I added in an extra die too......Thanks again for all of your time doing this.


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