Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February!!!

Yes, it's that time of the month...I know I missed January's Holiday's & Observances but it was such a busy time I didn't think anyone would get too upset.  BUT it's back! 

So here you go...enjoy!

Flower:  Violet, Primrose
Birthstone: Amethyst
Aquarius Jan. 20 - Feb. 18
Pisces Feb. 19 - Mar. 20

Month Long Observances

American Heart Month
An Affair to Remember Month
Avocado & Banana Month
Black History Month
Canned Food Month
Creative Romance Month
Fab Florida Strawberry Month
Great American Pie Month
Lent (2/22 – 4/7)
Library Lover’s Month
National Bird Feeding Month
National Black History Month
National Cherry Month
National Children’s Dental Health Month
National Grapefruit Month
National Hobby Month!!!!
National Potato Lover’s Month
National Weddings Month
Spunky Old Broads Month
Sweet Potato Month (also celebrated in Nov)
Week  Long Observances:
1st Week –
International Snow Sculpting Week
2nd Week –
 Boy Scouts of America Anniversary
International Friendship Week
National Green Week
 (like Go Green, not the color)

3rd  Week –
Jell-O Week
R.A.K. Week
World Ag Expo
 4th Week
National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Week
National Pancake Week

Daily Observances & Holidays:

Baked Alaska Day
Freedom Day
G.I. Joe Day
National Freedom Day
Robinson Crusoe Day
Serpent Day
Spunky Old Broads Day
(in addition to Month long ob.)

 Bottle Cap B-Day
Crepe Day
Ground Hog Day
Hedgehog Day

Bubble Gum Day
Carrot Cake Day
Elmo’s B-day
The Day the Music Died
(Buddy Holly, Richie Valens & Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959.)
Wear Red Day

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
National Popcorn Day
National Soup Day

National Chocolate Fondue Day
National Weatherman's Day
Super Bowl Sunday (XLVI)!!!

Lame Duck Day
Monopoly Board Game Day (1935)
National Frozen Yogurt Day
Pay a Compliment Day

Ballet Day
Send a Card to a Friend Day
Wave All you Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

Boy Scout Day

ET Visitor Day
National Bagel & Lox Day
Read in a Bath Tub Day
Toothache Day

 Umbrella Day
YWCA B-Day (1870)
Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day
Make a Friend Day
National Peppermint Patty Day
Thomas Edison B-Day
White Shirt Day

Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
Darwin Day
Paul Bunyan Day
Plum Pudding Day

Clean out Your Computer Day - second Monday of Month
Get a Different Name Day

Ferris Wheel Day
Library Lover’s Day
National Organ Donor Day
Valentine's Day

 Candlemas - on the Julian Calendar
National Gum Drop Day

Do a Grouch a Favor Day
Innovation Day
National Almond Day

National Café Au Lait Day
Random Acts of Kindness Day

National Battery Day

National Stuffed Crab Flounder Day

International Friendship Day
National Chocolate Mint Day

Cherry Pie Day
Hoodie Hoo Day
Love Your Pet Day
President's Day
Toothpick B-Day (1870)

Card Reading Day
Mardi Gras
National Sticky Bun Day
Paczki Day
Pancake Day

Ash Wednesday
Be Humble Day
George Washington's Birthday
National Margarita Day
Woolworth’s Day
National Banana Bread Day
National Chili Day
Tennis Day
Tootsie Roll B-day (1896)
 National Tortilla Chip Day
International Sword Swallowers Day
National Chocolate Covered Peanut Day
Quiet Day

Carnival Day
For Pete’s Sake Day
Levi Strauss Day
National Pistachio Day
Tell a Fairy Tale Day

No Brainer Day
Polar Bear Day

Floral Design Day
National Tooth Fairy Day

Leap Year Day
(once every four years)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Now for a bit of fun....

Tell me what your favorite celebration this month is and you'll be entered to win a surprise package which will include a couple rubber stamps and a few other goodies from my prize box!

You have until 2-11-12 (my brother's b-day) to post your answer to be entered into the drawing.

Good Luck Everyone
Happy February!!!!


  1. Happy February! I think I like Spunky old broads day! loll

  2. Hey, I had no idea it was national Hobby Month! Now there is no excuse not to have a hobby. :)

  3. Look at all those celebrations! I spotted a few that I will mark on my calendar!!

    Have a great month!


  4. My favorite Feb celebrations is my B-day. LOL. But you don't have it on your list. Love the list though.

  5. I think that spunky old broads sounds like a fitting one...especially since my b-day falls this month and I'm "one of them" :)

  6. I think I like crepe day!!! I love them and it falls on my birthday too!!!!!! :)

  7. Hi! What a list for Feb! WOW! I like Give a Compliment Day and Make a Friend Day!! I love people, and I like to talk!! That gives me a good chance to do what I like!! Have a great day!

  8. I love February! It's my birth month and the month I met my husband to be. Of course, it took 4 years for him to have that title officially. LOL But he's had it for 25 years in June of this year.

  9. There are so many, I can have a favorite a DAY!

    Today is GI Joe day!!

    We have a sports cards and memorabilia store, plus we do some vintage toys. Let's just say I know GI Joe a little TOO well . . .


  10. Wow! February already! My favorite this month will be my 25th anniversary on the 14th!

  11. Thanks for all the info Roni. February is a big month for our family. My sister, my sister-in-law and my niece all have birthdays this month. And my best friend also has a birthday this month. So what I love the most about February is being able to celebrate the special days of some of the people I love most in the world!

    Elaine Allen

    P.S. Please wish your brother a very Happy Birthday!

  12. Fun ... Feb 23 my sons birthday and taking a plane on 29th ... leap of faith?

  13. Hi ..... for a short month it sure is a busy one!!! I'm liking 'ELMO DAY' ... he's so cute & cuddly. Cheers :)

  14. Spunky Old Broads day was pretty chuckly, but my kids would disagree and have to say that Elmo's Birthday is a pretty cool day too!

  15. Happy February!!! I always get a kick out of your list of monthly holidays and will have to say that my favorites on the list are National Hobby Month for obvious reasons (more justification for locking myself up in my craft room!) and No Brainer Day (hee hee), and For Pete's Sake Day! Who in the world came up with that one?? Someone named Pete?

  16. Well, it HAS to be February4th...National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day AND National Popcorn Day. You just can't beat that!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  17. My favorite celebrationg day is Feb 27th, No Brainer Day, because it's simply a no brainer lol. Of course my other favorite would have to be my Birthday Feb 13th. Thanks for posting this, it's a great read!

  18. Without a doubt my fav is the 19th- chocolate mint day! Heaven!!!!

  19. Both my husband and daughter were born on the 6th so that's my favorite celebration. Also loving chocolate fondue day!

  20. Although my Birthday is on the 10th, my favorite celebration is the 4th- Ice Cream for Breakfast Day- even though in my mind, Ice Cream is appropriate for any meal!! Also love the 23rd-Tennis Day, my son's sport of choice.

  21. I love February 17th - Random Acts of Kindness Day! Thanks for posting all of these wonderful observances!

  22. Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday - I love splurging before the fast. Great celebration!

  23. My favourite is Baked Alaska - as it's my birthday I can ask for it, don't usually get it, but I keep trying. On the other hand I think I belong uner the Spunky Old Broads heading, good job it's for the month LOL.

  24. I like President Day, Because It's a holiday and if I work it I get Triple Time.

  25. I like Send a Card to a Friend Day as it always to good to make a friend smile. I love the first of the month when I get to check your blog to see this list. Thanks for the list

  26. WOW!! February is full of great "days"!!! Love "Spunky Old Broads" Day and any of them that have to with food! Beings how it's Hobby Month, I've decided that every day this month I'm doing something creative. So far, I've made 2 cards to send and balanced my THAT WAS being creative!!!


  28. Happy February!! Hard to believe it's already the 2nd month already! Wish I had know it was Ice Cream For Breakfast Day today (the 4th) because we went out for breakfast!! LOL I'll pick the 20th as my favorite... Love your Pet Day!!... I love my fur babies!!

  29. Here's another special February day for you. This one's called Tu B'Shvat, Hebrew for the 15th of the (Jewish) month of Shvat, but it falls out in February, this year on Wednesday, the 8th. It's the new year, or "Rosh Hashana", for the trees and all other blooming things, when their fate for the year is decided.It's great to celebrate the day with fruit, especially the 7 special ones of Israel,i.e. wheat, barley, grapes, pomegranates, olives, dates and figs. Check this out for more info:
    Have a happy and fruitful February, y'all!

  30. I gave birth to my second son 10 years ago in February~ that day will always be special to me!
    (I love Valentines Day, too...)

    Happy Birthday Roni's brother!

  31. Sweet Potato Day and Potato Chip Day! Recently I discovered Sweet potato chips and cannot get enough of them. TFS


  32. Feb 8th Boy Scout Day! My wedding anniversary to an eagle scout. :-)

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  34. I never knew that there's "Send a Card to a Friend Day" that existed! This is so cool, I think it is great to have this day ahead of Valentine's day. While we will enjoy the accompany of our loved ones during Valentine, friends should not be forgotten too. Especially to the single friends out that, to be reminded that they are not alone in the season of Love.


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