Sunday, February 12, 2012

A few Vintage Valentines

Well Valentine's day is just 2 days away now ~
I wanted to share these newly accquired vintage valentine's with you before it was done for another year...

They are darling little cards that would have been traded by children long ago.  They are actually pop-ups but since they've never been creased I didn't want to mess them up.  You can still tell how cute they are no matter.

vintage valentines 003

vintage valentines 004

vintage valentines 005

I read something this morning about Valentine's day that made me a bit sad...
the writer was explaining how she doesn't care much for this time of year because she doesn't have anyone special in her life and about a friend of hers that had recently lost her husband and would be alone as well.

I guess I may be a bit wierd but I  had never considered Valentine's day just for sweethearts.  I know that's how it's billed by the mfg's and various places out to make money BUT, to me it's always been about expressing love and appreciation for everyone in my life that I care about.  We tend to forget that men and women, boys and girls all like to hear that they are loved....

So, even if you don't have a significant other in your life this year I challenge you to make a valentine for a friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc.... 

Someone who touches your life and makes it better for whatever reason.  I'm sure it will bring joy to that person and in return will give you joy as well!

Have a super day everyone!!!


  1. Roni -

    I agree with you. I think Valentine's Day is an opportunity to tell those around us how we feel about them. I love these cards, they remind me of the ones we used to exchange in class when I was a kid!

    Elaine Allen


  2. Hi Roni,

    Ah, the memories those Valentine's bring back. I just love the vintage look to them. I agree with you; I don't have a sweetheart but I certainly think of those I love on Valentine's Day. It doesn't require a love interest.

    I mailed off my ATCs yesterday. Thanks for putting this swap together.


  3. You are so right!! We should all be thankful for each other and show it! :)

  4. have such a big heart! Happy Valentine's Day Roni♥

  5. What a wonderful reminder, Roni. I am now married (again), but for many years I also hated Valentine's Day because it just reminded me I was alone. I do have my husband now--and he really IS a sweetheart, but I still remember the sadness of being alone. I accept your challenge! I will reach out to those I love, especially those alone, and greet them with a loving message! You rock, my friend!


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