Friday, February 3, 2012

A couple more Valentine's Day cards....

Yes, I'm in the mood for love...
well actually, I'm in the mood for using Non-Valentine Day stamps and making Valentine's Day cards from them anyway - LOL!!

I hope you enjoy....

I really like this's actually not intended for Valentine's Day but I thought it would be fun to try.  To make it into a "lovely" card for the holiday I cut out a couple mini hearts which I glued to their work table and then I colored a couple red shapes onto the girls paper that they are working on to make it look like Valentine's day!

Also, the pink paper on the bottom was made using a Greek Deco border stamp... I simply stamped it repeatedly with a nice shade of pink ink.  While it's not actually intended for it I think it looks super for Valentine's Day!

SB - Crafty Friends Valentines 1
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And these stamps aren't Valentine's Day either but I think all of them paired together make for a very romantic Valentine's Day type card....

SB - Paris Stroll 1
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Now, it's your turn....
Pull out some random non-Valentine's Day stamps and see if you can't turn them into something fun for Valentine's!

Bet you'll have fun giving this a go!


  1. Both cards are beautiful, but the one with the Eiffel Tower is amazing. For me, something sensational.

  2. Roni -

    I love how you added the hearts on the table with the two little girls. This is such a sweet card. Your Eiffel Tower card is beautiful. Both wonderful examples of using stamps differently.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Love how you added the hearts to the card with the two little girls. You are so clever, Roni1

  4. These cards are awesome! Love the Eiffel Tower card. That's just stunning!

  5. What a great idea, I'll try this in the next couple of days. Your cards are so cute. I received your pkg. thanks so very much. Shari (cricutrookie)

  6. Really perfect idea~love your examples!

  7. Both cards r gorgeous, u made the best out of the stamps even though they are not valetine's theme

  8. I actually love repurposing things on my scrap table, Roni, so your first card and the techniques used are right up my alley! The second card appeals to the (newer) vintage side of me, and I love it. I have long loved that quote and hold it so dear. It's so helpful to remember when I am in a funk! After all these years, still find your blog new and interesting! Thanks!!

  9. Love the cards....where did you give these wonderful stamps?

  10. Well they look valentiney to me!! Love 'em Roni!

  11. Both cards are fantastic!! It's always good to be able to use the stamps we have for multiple purposes.


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