Saturday, February 11, 2012

Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape

WHEW!  It's been one heck of a week... I had *thought* I'd get something done in here on Thursday but it still wasn't smelling too good then on Friday youngest ds had a dentist appointment that ended up taking from 10:45 - 2: 15 then I had to go to the pharmacy that took until 6:30!!!    Needless to say it was not a productive/crafty week.

TODAY though I finally got to play a bit!!!

This week Gingersnap Creations the Spicy Supply Challenge was to use Masking Tape so I took this as my inspiration for this weeks Art Journal page as well! 

Now I have a real thing for adhesives of all types and tape ranks right up there with my glue fetish so while I do have quite a collection of pattern tapes of all kinds....

Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 002

But, I wanted to pull out my plain old masking tape and "spice" it up a bit :)

Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 003

Now the first thing I did was to pull off different lengths of tape and stick it down to my non-stick craft mat.  You'll notice it's not perfect but it's close enough ;)
Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 004

Next I stamped over the masking tape with a variety of images and archival inks.
Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 005

I then spritzed on several shades of Glimmer Mists.
Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 006

After the mists were dry I began pulling one piece of tape at a time off of the craft mat and stuck it down on my journal pages. 

I left a tiny space in between each piece of tape...I'll share more on this later.
Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 007

After each piece of tape had been transferred to my journal pages I tore the center strip separating them back into two pages.
.  Since my pages are torn I didn't want to come back with straight edges by cutting off the excess tape with scissors so I simply tore it off.

Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 008

Now for the journal prompt.... 

I recently got an e-mail from my uncle which said something to the effect that this guy was going to mess with his grandkids minds and tell them one day that he was older than the internet!
That got me thinkin of all the things that have changed in my lifetime in many aspects of every day life which in turn triggered this weeks journal prompt....

"I remember when...."
this isn't about specific memories, it's more along the same lines as that e-mail...   for example some of mine are I remember when....  

...telephones were connected to the wall.
....girls took typing and boys thought it was silly. played card games with real people. listened to music on records, 8 track tapes, cassettes and the radio. turned the knobs on tv to see what was coming on.
...cut and paste was done with scissors and glue. went to "town" for school cloths and Christmas shopping.

I made my list and printed it out onto cardstock.
I then inked up the cardstock a bit and trimmed each phrase.

Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 010

I then mounted the various phrases on the spaces I left between the pieces of masking tape.
After the glue dried I "roughed" it up a bit by outlining each of my memories with a black marker.  It made them stand out a bit more and gave it a sketchy look.
Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 011

these photos really show you how cool the glimmer mist transformed the tape!
Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 012

Art Journal #8 - Stamped Masking Tape 013

Now it's your turn!!
Time to think about all the things that have changed in your life!
If you'd like you can share some of those things in the comment section....
It's always so much fun to hear your take on these journal prompts!

Have fun everyone!!!


  1. Nice post and love the masking tape!

  2. wow Roni...such a great idea! looks very cool!!!!!!!

  3. Very cool! When my son was about ten I started pointed out things around the house that we're not common household things when he was born - the VCR was brand new!

  4. Nice pages!! I love how you can take something so common and turn it into such a great piece! I love telling my granddaughter about things that were still around when I was and white pots you put on the stove. When it boiled you could watch it through the glass knob on the was my mom' cool. Tfs!

  5. Oh I love this Roni! What an awesome idea. And I love how the tape turned out!

    Elaine Allen

  6. Wonderful tutorial!! I would really do this!! Drooling over the tapes you already have!! Love the final spread - I remember the same stuff as you, pretty much. Excellent post, pretty and useful!

  7. Very neat! It is funny when you think about things that we grew up with and how the world has changed. I love your idea with the masking tape. I've used it in other ways, but this was new to me.

  8. This is such a cool idea - Can't wait to try it!

  9. Gingersnaps must have inspired us all on the masking tape theme. ! spent time on Saturday making "Faux" washi tape with it, not as effective as yours but enjoyed playing with it and thats what its all about isn't it ? Take a look at what I did with it.

  10. Love this fun page! I would have alot of remember when's, and I am not as old as the internet LOL One time I told my daughter's friend that we did not have a VCR when I was a kid- she wanted to know if it was because we were too poor to afford one....LOL...they did not exist!

  11. Love this! Awesome idea. I am sure there was a time that an apple was a fruit and not a revolution! ;)

  12. I had to laugh when I read your list of 'I Remember When'. Just a couple of days ago my mom (she's 74), was telling me that when she was a kid (including her teenage years), they only got to drink a glass of pop on their birthday---and only the one celebrating their birthday got to have the pop. All the other kids had Somehow I don't think that would fly with kids today.


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