Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint

Today I wanted to play with paints.  This time I want you to use 3 colors....of course they can be any colors you choose but I went with the Adirondack Light, Bright and Earthtone for easy matching.  Actually I didn't use all 3 from one color family but it's close.

O.k...before I go any further, I have to admit I screwed up...  Part of my paint goes one way and the rest goes another.  I just jumped in and started painting before I realized my paper was aligned the wrong way for my arch to fit!  DUH!!!

Layers of Paint


Acrylic Paint
Watercolor Paper
Scrap Paper


1. Squeeze out a bit of the lightest color of paint onto a non-stick surface.  I am using my Non-Stick Craft Mat but you could also use a plastic lid or tray, dish, etc. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 003

2. Add a bit of water to the paint and with a wet sponge pick up a good amount of paint.  Swipe the paint across your watercolor paper several times.  You don't have to cover the entire sheet ~ you still want some of the paper to show through.  Let this layer of paint dry or speed drying using a Heat Tool.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 004

3. Repeat steps #1 & 2 with the medium color of paint and let dry.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 005

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 007

4. (I realized at this point that I had my paper oriented in the wrong direction...I should have been adding the paint with the paper facing me in a portrait fashion instead of landscape! So from here on out it is oriented correctly.)  Stamp desired images with a brown ink...I decided to use an assortment of text because I think it makes a nice background.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 008

5. Trace your arch pattern onto the paper.

6. Tear desired shape from scrap paper (or you could use a die-cut).  I went with a heart but you could use a flower, a smaller version of your Gothic arch, star, square, etc.  Whatever you would like. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 009

7. Place your torn shape onto your arch.   Sponge the darkest shade of paint around the template.  Remove the template and let your arch dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 010

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 011

8. Here is where you can use your own discretion on the stamping part.  I stamped a few images at this point, added my main image and sentiment then stamped a few more images.  You could stamp them all now, or stamp them all after you've added your other embellishments.  It's totally up to you.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 012

9. Finish embellishing as desired!

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 016

And we're done!!!

You will of course have to assemble your arches in some could put them together in book form, accordion style, book rings, etc. 
(there is more on binding options in this post...Base & Binding)

I will share my finished book with you as soon as I get it bound and the cover decorated! 

I hope those of you that played along (and aren't too shy) will post a link to your finished creations! 
We'd love to see them.


  1. Love the background on this.

  2. Roni -

    Love how your stenciling really seems to place her in a halo. Gorgeous page and an awesome technique. Thank you so much for all your work into doing this for us. I was hoping to play along this time, but unfortunately, have picked up added responsibilities at work and putting loads of extra time. But I will be making this at sometime, I had already traced and made my templates - LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Hey there
    I have started playing along, but haven't had any time to craft in the past weeks - but as I had finished the first four arches I will definitely finish them as soon as possible as a) I want to finish the project and b) the techniques look so great I really wanna try them!
    thanks for the inspiration!


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