Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silhouette Stamping

I thought I'd continue today with another fun way to stretch your stamping power. OH, btw, before I forget the stamp I used yesterday was from Rubber Stampede by Delta.

I don't know about you but I love the look of Silhouette stamps BUT I don't always have the extra $'s to buy more soooooo....

Today I wanted to show you a nifty way to turn many of your stamps into silhouettes with just a few simple items you probably already have around your home....two extra fine and a fine black marker.

silhouette stamping 005

Now you may not need both of them depending on the stamp you're using. I find it is easier for me to use the extra fine for outlining my image and the fine for coloring in larger areas. I don't have a very steady hand so trying to use just the fine line is out of the question for me. ;)


1. Stamp the desired image using black ink...

Stamp Credit: Great Impressions SOTM - August 2010

silhouette stamping 001

2. Outline the very outside edges using the extra fine marker (this makes it easier to color in the next step). You may have to determine just where you want the outside edge to be for example if you notice on the area I have colored in about mid way down the left side I could have joined the two petals that are very close but I chose to go in a bit further to the secondary level of flowers. Totally up to you.

silhouette stamping 002

3. Now fill in the rest of the image with the fine tip marker (you could use a larger tip if you like). If you work in one direction, one area at a time you will notice a much smoother look than if you colored it in like you would with crayons.

silhouette stamping 004

And here is how this particular image turned out....

silhouette stamping 006

Now this won't work with EVERY stamp you have in your collection as there are many that just don't have the right angles or lines to make it work but here are several more examples of images that I turned into silhouettes (stamp credits are listed in each photo).

silhouette stamping 010

silhouette stamping 011

silhouette stamping 008

silhouette stamping 009

silhouette stamping 007

Pretty cool huh?
It really changes the whole look of the image doesn't it?

You have an entire new collection of silhouette stamps

and it didn't even cost you a dime!!

Can't beat that now can ya?

Tomorrow I'll have another fun way to showcase your stamps giving them a totally new look.

Till then friends,

go play with some ink!!


  1. These are brilliant - it takes a very clever artist indeed to come up with something so simple - it makes such a difference!

  2. I just had one of those "now why didn't I think of that moments" Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Thanks for the idea. This is a great one to try.

  4. Great idea! I think that Basic Grey stamp looks much better as a silhouette. :)

  5. How did you think of that? It is one great idea and it result to a very wonderful art work. I will show this to all my students and I am sure they will be so surprised just like me.

  6. Wow, Thanks for giving me a way to get more out of my stamp collection! Great idea!
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  7. Just found you. Love your site, with all your great techniques and inspiration. Thank you! Ms T

  8. Thanks Roni, I just learned how to extend my embossing folders to fit longer paper from Tim Holtz and now I've just doubled my stamps and without spending any money. How cool is that.

  9. oh wow what a fantastic idea, very creative, thanks for sharing!

  10. Great idea Roni! Bet there are lots of cool ways to adapt this technique, using other colors as well. You could even layer a silhouette with an offset detail stamp for a cool vintage look.

  11. Another awesome effect that I never thought of doing!! Off to check through my stamps to see what I can use for this!!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!