Saturday, August 28, 2010

Popcorn Bear @ Stampers Quest

Woo's Saturday!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day...

My day started out before the sun was up. I took Bob to an auction (he's not 18 yet so he couldn't get his own buyers number) ~ they had some tractor/farm stuff he was interested in BUT I found some goodies for me ;) Some really cool number tags ~ I think they are zinc ~ they are that color anyway, a BUNCH of old hardware, etc...all in a pile for $5.00!!! I actually only wanted the tags but they added the tub they were in to the huge pile of nails and stuff. I think I have like 30-40 old jars of "stuff" to sort though now. What fun :)

I also bought a vintage chicken crate which is nifty as an antique but we will really use it for our chickens.

I left when Eric got there so I'm not sure what all they bought after I left.

THEN I hit the last remaining independent scrapbook store in our area which happened to be right down the road from the auction! They were having a 50% off everything sale ~ yep...cause they are going out of business :( It's so sad ~ the economy has just killed the independents in our area. Now the next closest store is in Bryan, Ohio which is like 2.5-3 hours away (one way). I guess I'll just have to stick to the net now and pay the @$*%@ shipping charges.

I wanted to invite you to visit Stampers Quest...This months featured Rubber Stamp Company is Crafters Companion and if you're not familiar with them they are the home of Popcorn Bear! (they have several other characters but we worked with popcorn bear)

This was the first time I have ever had the pleasure to play with these darling little bears and I have to tell you I fell in love!!! I normally don't do cute but man oh man ~ he is just a sweetie :) I was pretty amazed at how large these sets were since they are only 6.95 per set!

I was lucky enough to get a couple "guy" stamp sets....Father's Day Bear and Fishing Bear. You can see what I created with them here....Roni's View - Popcorn Bear. Be sure to check out the other cool stamp sets and what each designer created. It will make you want to add to your "Must Have" list ;) LOL!!! I have several in my wish basket now.

You all have a wonderful day now!!!


  1. Your card is very cute! It sounds like you had a fun day, too bad about LSS, though. We went to a garlic festival, had pulled pork sandwich with roasted garlic, bought several types of fresh garlic & a jar of pickled. Oh, and they had a lot of craft vendors, too, I got a bracelet made out of old silver plate spoons.

  2. I have been a big fun of your blog. I always have a great time visiting your blog. I can see that you had a great day. Thank you for sharing thoughts.

  3. What a great day you had!! Sounds like so much fun! My LSS is closing also..end of OCtober. I won't have to drive THAT far to another one..but this one was so great. We're all losing a friend as well as a store. Love the Bear..and I don't do "cute" much either.


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