Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper Doily ~ Lacy Paper Flower

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share another fun and easy paper flower with you today!

I am using 4" paper doilies that I found at the Dollar Tree. They come in 100 per package for yes $1.00!

Paper Doily Flower 007

Medium/Regular Sized Flower -

To begin, I pinch one area of the doily with my left hand and with my right hand I gather up small bits of the doily bringing them to my left as shown...

Paper Doily Flower 002

Once I have gathered up the entire doily into my left hand I twist the bottom to secure the flower....

Paper Doily Flower 004

And here is what it looks like....

Paper Doily Flower 005

Small Flower -

To create a smaller sized flower I fold the doily into quarters as shown and snip off 1/2" from the center section. I then fold and gather as I did in the above directions.

Paper Doily Flower 006

Large Double Flower -

If a larger flower is desired try creating a double flower.

I first make a small size flower as instructed then I place this flower in a second doily and gather it around the first. It creates a beautiful full double lacy flower!

Paper Doily Flower 008

Paper Doily Flower 010

Here is a photo of the various sizes...

The double flower is on the left, the next flower is a small and the last two (one on top and to the right) are medium sized.

Paper Doily Flower 011

Now the flowers I have shared in the examples are all left natural. BUT, since you start out with a white doily the color possibilities are endless! You could use inks, dyes, Glimmer Mist, Perfect Pearls, chalks, watercolors, on and on to color these flowers!!! Below I have just two examples ~ both colored using Distress Inks and my Ink Blending Tool. I love the "edges only" look but the other is just as fun.

Paper Doily Flower 012

Just think of the possibilities!!!!

All for only $1.00!!!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!