Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First IRL Show/Sale - EEEKKKKK!!!

Oh my gosh I am SOOOOOOOOOO nervous!!!

Today I signed up for my first in person real life sale/show!!!

Yes, I did it...

Despite being terribly shy I sign up to do a "Ladies Night Out" show at a neighboring town's public library.

The Ladies Night Out is an annual event that the library hosts and it includes an art gallery, food tasting and vendors selling everything from the usual Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, to hand crafted items (that's me!). It's going to be Sept. 10th this year.

Now I've taught classes before but that's different because those people came with a specific reason in mind...to learn, create, etc. Not so here but Mom suggested I get a booth and said she'd help me with it. Today I called to see if there was space left and there was! I am officially booth location #31. I am going to be taking mainly greeting cards but I am also going to take a few altered art / collage pieces and a bit of jewelry if I have time. I am also going to take a few of my books as well.

The show is only 3 hours long but I'm still really nervous!

My greatest fear is that I go and nobody buys a thing...

Wish Me Luck!!
EDIT - Thanks everyone for your votes of confidence, words of wisdom and encouragement!! I started pulling out all my cards, projects and more trying to decide how I want things set up and displayed.
I'm starting to get a bit excited now ~ due in large part because of you all!
Thanks so VERY much!


  1. Don't be nervous! Your work is amazing - truly!!! What I think is great is that you will have something for everyone - the less expensive cards, the more expensive books and art pieces. What about your stamps? Are you allowed to sell those there, too? I for one would be thrilled to meet you in person and have you sign your book (and stamp sets, if.....).

    I'm shy, too, and the way I get through something like this is - I ask myself what is the worst that could happen? I don't sell anything. And.... ??? That *still* wouldn't be the end of the world. No biggie. And you know what - it won't happen to you. You'll be great! :)

  2. you will do great!! you make such beautiful things, people will eat them up!! "My greatest fear is that I go and nobody buys a thing..."...this is why i'm afraid to do a craft fair. all my friends say my stuff is great but what if it inst??

  3. Good luck! You are so talented, I know you'll do great!

  4. I think you'll do great! Maybe you can schedule a class and do sign-ups at the show, too.

    Remember, most of the people will be friends - you haven't met yet!


  5. Your Mom believes in you, who are you to doubt her? You will do just great. You make the most wonderfull things.I think...... you will be sold out after 3 hours!!!
    Don't be nervous, you can do this!!

    Greetzzzz Scrap-in

  6. Buck up Roni -

    Not only does your Mom believe in you, we do too! You are a fabulous artist and I don't think you will have a problem selling your art. In fact, I bet you run out of things to sell early - LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  7. Good luck!!!!! You are a great artist and I guess you will sell every single piece!!

  8. You go Roni! You'll have a ball. Trust me on this one!

  9. Your going to do just great! Just be your wonderful self!

  10. omgosh u will be a sure hit woman! They will loveeeeeeeeee your book! I wish I could come! Good luck but..doubt you need it! cher

  11. Aww. Don't worry Roni. You are a natural. You will do very well. Your work is beautiful and your personality is endearing. It doesn't matter that you are shy. Just smile and everything will be great!

  12. It will be fabulous! Just have a great time and things will work out. Can't wait to find out how it all went. Be sure to keep us in mind!

    You Faithful Fans!!

  13. Hey Roni even the most seasoned sellers have events where they do not sell anything - it happens. It depends on the crowd and they can be a fickle bunch at times. If nothing else you are exposing new potential customers to your art -bring lots of business cards so they can find you again when they are ready to buy.

  14. Your stuff is so beautiful and you are very talented Roni I am sure you will sell it ALL. I would LOVE to be brave like this and find a way to sell some of my cards!! Good LUCK!!!

  15. Good Luck:) Your work speaks for itself. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to buy some.
    Have fun with your mom and I hope you sell out.

  16. your cards and artwork are great; you have nothing to be nervous about!! You're so enthusiastic about what you do-- if you get that across to your customers, I'm sure you'll do great!

  17. Once you get going, you'll be fine. The time will fly by! Best of luck to you. Let us know how it goes!


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