Friday, August 27, 2010

Cut Your Stamps Apart!

I told you people think I'm nuts!

Yes, you can cut your stamps apart for more versatile and usable stamps!

Whenever I start talking about cutting my stamps apart people automatically think I mean trimming unmounted stamps from the die sheet....NO I mean taking a stamp image and cutting it apart to use in a different arrangement than the mfg. originally intended.

It has made a world of difference in how I can stamp images.

For example I recently bought this stamp.....

It's lovely but I don't always want to stamp a card that is 4"x6" which is what this border stamp was meant for.

SOOOO, I got my scissors out and cut it apart!

Here is what they look like now...

Cutting Stamps Apart 001

and the resulting images....

Cutting Stamps Apart 015

Cutting Stamps Apart 016

Cutting Stamps Apart 017


Cutting Stamps Apart 018

Now instead of one background border stamp I have 4 stamps I can use in any configuration I want!

I also like to cut apart sentiments as many times the sentiments are too long to fit where I want them to go. This also allows me to arrange the words in different configurations for example I may only have room to stack the words or run them along an edge or use part of the sentiment in one area and the rest in another.


(Just For Fun Rubber Stamps)

Cutting Stamps Apart 006

Cut Apart...

Cutting Stamps Apart 007


(Just For Fun Rubber Stamps)

Cutting Stamps Apart 008

Cut Apart...

Cutting Stamps Apart 012

I have also cut apart other stamps such as this set from Basic Grey (I think)...

The wreath originally came with the sentiment Merry Christmas inside. I cut that out and can now use the sentiment and wreath separately. I can also stamp other sentiments in the wreath as desired!

Cutting Stamps Apart 002

Cutting Stamps Apart 005

Cutting Stamps Apart 004

So you see I'm really not as crazy as you thought huh? comments from the peanut gallery ;)



Let me clarify

I'm not crazy for cutting my stamps apart...


Anyway, take a second look at the stamps in your collection. Particularly those stamps that you don't use often because they are too large, maybe you don't like one aspect of the stamp or whatever the reason you have.

Perhaps this is the answer to your dilemma...

Cut them apart and get a bit more use out of them!

Stamps are too expensive to sit around collecting dust...

You need to dig them out


make some Ink Stains!!


  1. You are brilliant Roni! Now to find my scissors!!

  2. I repeat after you: I'm not crazy for cutting my stamps apart! Ok I may be crazy, but certainly not for that reason. I also often cut my stamps apart, especially text stamps, for they mostly are far to large to fit on the ATCs that I adore creating.

  3. Thats the bravest thing I have ever seen.........Annette x

  4. this is a great idea. i always look for stamps that i can get the most use out of. stickers also. i look for ones that have lots of details and examine it to see how i can use it besides its intended use.


  5. Great idea Roni, especially for the word stamps!!

  6. I've done that before. :) At least with some acrylic ones.

    I LOVE that stamp!

  7. I just did that to a stamp! I guess as a long time quilter, I'm used to people thinking I'm crazy for cutting up perfectly good fabric!

  8. I do the same thing, Roni! Mostly with sentiments. They're so much more versatile that way!

  9. I almost alwyas cut apart one line sentiments, but I have a heros arts flower vine frame stamp that I never use - I know if I cut it up I'll use it - so thanks for the idea!

  10. What an idea.....thanks!!!!
    Cynthia Schelzig

  11. Now why in the world didn't I think of that! Thanks for the suggestion. You are always so generous with your ideas!

  12. Im glad its not just me, i got the tim holtz alphabet stamp, but figured if i cut it apart i could use it way more productively than as it was as a collage stamp!

  13. Bravo, what a great idea! I will never thought of cutting up my stamps, but after see what you did, I guess it's time for me to relook my stamps and see if there a need to cut them apart which is for a good cause, to be able to make better use of them for stamping!

  14. I *ALWAYS* cut my stamps...glad to know I'm not the only one! :D

  15. TOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!! I'm running with scissors now!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!