Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage Stereoscope Images!

Normally I share vintage postcards from my collection on Sunday's but today I thought I'd share some fun Stereoscope images. I don't have too many of these but they were included in a jumble lot I bought sometime early last year.

Today I thought I'd share the ones that are humorous...probably a bit racy for the time period but cute now.

These would be great images to use if you need a funny card, collage or scrapbook for your sweetie, friend or other loved one :)


Stolen Sweets...

Vint. Ste. cds 001

Last in bed....

Vint. Ste. cds 002

Oh You Naughty Man...

Vint. Ste. cds 003

Sh - My Wife's Coming

Vint. Ste. cds 004

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the Mystery Project I posted earlier this past week.

I'm thinkin' you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday we'll be working on #9 in our BFF Challenge

and then I've got some other fun things in mind for later this week!

PLUS - I've got more fun news to share :)

Hope you have a wonderful evening everyone!!


  1. What an amusing peek into the past these images are :-)

  2. These are just so cute - I bet you have a lot of fun looking at them in

  3. Roni, I love looking at all of your creations! Thanks for sharing them all! I have given you an award! You may pick it up on my blog!
    Happy Creating!

  4. My Grandparents had some of these. I used to sit for hours and look at them. Thanks for bringing back a very fond memory of my youth. How I'd love to have those now!


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