Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sea Glass Charm Necklace

Today I wanted to share a project which incorporates one of my favorite materials...Sea Glass!

It's relatively inexpensive, easy to find and looks amazing.

Sea Glass Charm Necklace 001

Now many times you'll see it incorporated into various projects wrapped in wire. Instead of wrapped in wire, I am going to show you how to drill a hole in the sea glass ~ or any glass for that matter.

Drill a Hole in

Sea Glass

You'll need a few supplies before we can begin:

Rotary Tool - Dremel is one maker but any brand will do.

Diamond Tip Rotary Tool Bit - These bits are very inexpensive (4.00-8.00 a set) and if used correctly, they will last a long time.

Sea Glass Charm Necklace 005

Wood Block (to protect your work surface)

Masking Tape (optional)



1. Place the sea glass on your wood block.

Sea Glass Charm Necklace 006

2. (optional) If you're unsure about holding the rotary tool steady to start your hole you may place a piece of masking tape where you will be drilling. This will give the drill bit a "tooth" to grab hold of and keep it from slipping.

3. Mist your sea glass with a bit of water. By doing so you will keep the drill bit tool and extend it's life.

4. Turn on the rotary tool to it's lowest speed.

5. Hold the sea glass still with one hand and gently lower the rotary tool/bit where you would like the hole. (NOTE: If you used the masking tape to start your hole ~ remove it as soon as you have the hole started.) Don't worry if the water turns white as you're drilling (as shown in the photo). This is just the bits of sea glass that is being drilled away.

Sea Glass Charm Necklace 007

Continue drilling until your bit comes out the back of the piece of sea glass.

Sea Glass Charm Necklace 008

6. Clean the glass dust/water from your piece of sea glass with soap and water.

This is the base for my sea glass necklace.

Sea Glass Charm Necklace 009

You can see that I drilled 3 holes in the main piece and wired on an extra small piece of sea glass.

Tomorrow we'll embellish the sea glass and finish off the necklace.

Be sure to stop back in to see the finished project!


  1. Great tutorial, Roni, I have the Dremel, need the I'm sure the necklace will turn out fab!

  2. Thank you for a great tutorial! I had been afraid to drill holes in glass. You make it seem possible for me to do this. I might even have the right bits and some sea glass. I love it when I learn something to do with items I have in my stash. Thank you.

  3. I have a dremel, too. I don't have much luck drilling with it though. Maybe I need the bits? Thanks for the tut.

  4. Great tut! I suggest wearing safety goggles while doing this. And no close by onlookers. :)

  5. I didn't realize you could drill sea glass. I'll have to find those bits because I have a big jar of sea glass that would be great for something like this. Looking forward to seeing how you embellish them.

  6. I Love sea glass but as of yet don't have a Dremel or tool for drilling. Maybe someday. Right now my sea glass is just in a very pretty jar.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Roni -

    Can't wait to see what you do with this.

    Elaine Allen

  8. I really like this and thanks for sharing. I have a little container full of sea glass I picked up from the ocean last summer waiting for me to do something with it. I am going to try to do a search for your other sea glass projects also.

  9. Oh, I can't wait until tomorrow! I have had a small bag of sea glass for years knowing that someday....thanks for the great inspiration!

  10. Thank you thank you. I have some sea glass I picked up in Hawaii several years ago, and always wanted to do something like this. And I do believe I could do this.

  11. I a bag of sea glass pieces, so this is a perfect tutorial! Now to find something to drill with!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!