Monday, May 17, 2010

Mystery Project - Distress Crackle Artbook

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. We finished moving our business and chilled the rest of the time. I got a darn URI back from my Dad that I originally had in April so that's not so good but that's life I guess...

Today I want to reveal the Mystery Project I posted an image of last week.

It's my Distressed Crackle Artbook!

Distress Crackle Notebook 001

It's a really fun project that can be personalized for anyone on your potential gift list! You can alter the look and feel by changing up the color scheme, stamps, etc. It's a nice quick gift you can make in a matter of hours (plus a bit more for dry time).



Distress Crackle Paints - Ranger

Distress Inks - Ranger

Adirondack Acrylic Paint - Ranger

Archival Ink - Ranger

Glossy Accents - Ranger

Ink Blending Tool & Foam - Ranger

Rubber Stamps - Queen's Dresser Drawers, Lost Coast Designs

Embellishments - Various

(optional) Binding Wire & Cutter - Zutter Bind-It-All

Inside Pages (and ephemera if desired)


1. Cut 12 - 1 1/2" Squares from chipboard. Cut 1 - 7" x 1" strip of chipboard. Cut 2 - 7" x 7 1/2" pieces of chipboard for the covers. Cut the inside pages.

2. Paint the squares and strip of chipboard with desired color(s) of Distress Crackle Paint and let dry. Dry time will vary depending on temperature & humidity.

3. Paint the covers with black acrylic paint.

4. (optional) After the squares have dried, distress further by flaking off some of the paint as shown in the photo...

Distress Crackle Notebook 007

5. Apply Distress Inks to the squares with the IBT. You can use the same color of Distress Ink to match the paint or a totally different color. Totally up to you.

6. Stamp desired images on several of the squares using Archival Ink.

Distress Crackle Notebook 008

7. Affix desired embellishments to a few of the squares.

8. Attach the painted & embellished squares with your favorite strong adhesive to the front cover. Add the long strip of chipboard along the left edge ~ this will add extra reinforcement for the binding.

9. Punch holes for desired type of binding in the front & back covers. I like to use my Bind-It All. It is quick and very easy to use.

10. Arrange your inside pages & ephemera in desired order, punch holes and layer into covers. I used plain copy paper for most of the pages but I also threw in bits of other fun stuff here and there....A time card, music sheets, giant playing cards & a vintage bingo card. You could of course use any paper ephemera you have on hand. You could also add envelopes or tags as well!

Distress Crackle Notebook 003

Distress Crackle Notebook 005

Distress Crackle Notebook 006

11. Finish binding as desired. I used the large wire so there would be room to expand by adding bits of ephemera and ideas to the book.

Fun huh?

Would you like to win this fun Artbook for yourself or a friend?

All you have to do is post a comment to be entered to win!!

You will have until 5-26 to enter!!

Good Luck Friends!!!


  1. Wow, wow, wow, it's gorgeous!! Fabulously shabby and chic. You are so generous to part with it... thanks for a chance to win! :)

  2. I love your super fun artbook with all the crackle and fun inserts. Happy creating...

  3. Gorgeous work on the book!!!

  4. What a very cool project! I can't believe you would give it away!!

  5. OOO this is gorgeous. Looks like it was fun to make and you are so inspiring. I come often but don't always post. Love your blog, very educational and you are so good to share.
    I thank you.

  6. The artbook is fabulous!!! So sweet of you to offer it to someone very lucky!!! Your daily blog is such a treat; always packed full of new ideas and creativity. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this! Looks like so much fun to make!

  8. Your book is wonderful and of course I'd love to win it (give it to a friend, I think not!) Thank you for your daily inspiration!

  9. Everytime I stop by your blog I am amazed and intrigued by your creations.

    Putting this on my to make list...though I think if I make one I'd find it hard to part with.

    Would love to win, of course.

  10. Im starting to think I need a Bind it all...Ive been trying to resist! Such a pretty project!

  11. This is very cool!!! Love it!!!!

  12. This is awesome! I would so love to have it. You are so talented!

  13. I absolutely love this book! I come here everyday and you never fail to impress me. Thanks for offering up your creations! And the instructions to make my own IF I don't win this one, of course~

  14. Cool! I love making books. They are so personal. I also like your idea of putting a few unusual items in with the pages. How fun! Thanks for all the inspiration you share with us.

  15. Thanks for showing us your completed project and giving us the's absolutely fabulous! I am going to have to give this one a try myself!!

  16. Absolutely STUNNING... I just found your blog... I can't wait to look around...

  17. Roni -

    What a wonderful book! And I like that it can be personalized for anyone you want to give it. This is just so awesome. I can see using watercolor paper for the inside to use as a personal journal (I love watercolors). You never cease to amaze me with the things you come up with. Wonderful idea!

    Elaine Allen

  18. That is a beautiful book! I can't believe you would give it away!!! But I would love to have it!

  19. what a fantastic book and something here to fire the imagination to take it to the next level too..ty for the chance..such a fine prized possesion indeed. hugs janet

  20. I would love to see this up close, and admire all of the work you put into it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  21. Amazing Artbook! I love it! Thanks so much for the chance to win and thank you for all the tutorials and inspiration!

  22. Wow that's so gorgeous, beautiful book!


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