Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kitten Update - Almost 1 month old!

Happy Sunday!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

We finally finished up moving our small business to our new location yesterday! Got the old building cleaned out and ready to return the keys. I was a bit sad once we were almost done...we've been in that location for so long it was like home. The new place is going to be great once we get everything put away and organized so I'm excited it's just going to be so different.

Lots of people have been asking how the kittens are doing so I thought I'd post new pics since they will almost be a month old!

Here they are...still no names yet but dh did inform me they were all girls except for one lone little boy :) They are all starting to get around very well now, just starting to play and I've been introducing them to kitten food.

Everyone I talk to is amazed that these kittens are her first litter and that they all lived....but here's proof....

Kittens 5-16-10 001

Here's the little guy....

Kittens 5-16-10 002

Crazy mixed up fur pile...

Kittens 5-16-10 003

Kittens 5-16-10 005

Kittens 5-16-10 006

Kittens 5-16-10 007


  1. They are just so dang cute Roni! Reminds me of when I was a kid and out cat had kittens. Adorable!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Too Cute for words! I just wish I wasn't allergic to cats. I love them.

  3. I am in love.....................such wonderful little fur babies

  4. Hi Roni! :)
    I can't help it - I am in LOVE with the one little tabby without the white on the face - if it was only possible I would offer a home of love in a heartbeat. However, {some people would have you believe I'm not a cat person -that's not exactly true} however I do LOVE birds and dogs just a bit more ;) LOL
    they sure are sweet!

  5. Thank you for that dose of kitten cuteness!!

  6. That crazy mixed up fur pile is adorable!


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