Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ink Blending Tool Cleaning Tip

I know there are many people out there who use Ink Blending Tools and keep the same pad on one handle all the time. I don't have the space for that so I usually have 3-4 I use at one time and just change out the foams when needed.

After time fuzz builds up in the little white Velcro hooks (the material on the handle). making it a real pain to keep your foams secure.

Here is a quick and easy way to clean out all the debris and make your IBT like new again!

(NOTE: this also works for the Alcohol Ink Applicators & Felts as the felts can cause build up over time as well!)

You can see how much has collected on the handle.

crafty IBT tip 002

All you need is a Craft Pick -

Simply run the point of the pick between each row of "teeth" in the Velcro and lift up. This will dislodge any fuzzy bits which has built up over time.

crafty IBT tip 001

After you have lifted all of the bits from between the teeth simply pluck it off and you're IBT will be set to go! You can see just how clean the Velcro is after the cleaning...and that pile of fuzz came from only one IBT!

crafty IBT tip 003

So if you're having difficulties keeping your IBT Foam or AI Felts stuck to the handle maybe it's time for a bit of Spring Cleaning IBT style ;)


  1. So simple, yet it works beautifully as I just tried it. Thanks for the tip as I only have one handle and just switch out the pads.

  2. You can also use a small (steel) crochet hook.


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