Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BFF Altered Book/Mini Album Challenge #7

We're almost through the BFF Challenge!

Today we're on #7...

The sentiment for today's BFF album is:

7. When you are sick, stay away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have....


the Challenge for the day is....

Stamp your background using something OTHER than a stamp! Some ideas might be gauze, Ace wrap, sand paper, fiber, mesh, buttons, fibers, etc. Of course there are many, many other items you could use to stamp with...just far too many to list.

And here is my take on the challenge....

BFF #7 001

1. First I inked up my background paper with Tumbled Glass Distress Ink & the Ink Blending Tool.

BFF #7 002

2. To stamp my background I am using a piece of shelf/drawer liner which I mounted on an acrylic block using ATG tape. (makes for easy removal as well!)

BFF #7 004

3. I stamped on the paper using Broken Sapphire Distress Ink...

BFF #7 006

and here's how it ended up....

BFF #7 008

Now, I mentioned a few other goodies you could stamp with and I thought I'd share a couple with you... The first is a funky Ace brand stretch wrap (wild stuff!) and the second is just plain old coarse sand paper (love the speckled look!).

BFF #7 007

And here is my finished set of pages!

The cute little medical stamps are from a Cat's Pajamas Bear set of stamps. I highlighted them with Stickles Glitter Glue for a little flash ;)

BFF #7 009

BFF #7 010

BFF #7 011

So now it's your turn!

What can you think of to stamp with?!?!?


  1. Nice! Sponges from the art dept. are great. They leave that speckled look. I've experimented and stamped before with polymer clay. I used an embossing folder on it for the design. You could also use leaves and flowers.

  2. Roni -

    Love how this came out! Let's see, what could I use to stamp the background? Bubble wrap, crumpled saran wrap, tissue paper, wrapped rubberbands, the ends of paper tubes, kitchen utensils like potatoe masher or fork tines. Or if you don't want to stamp, how about taking leaves and using them as stencils with spray color mists?

    Elaine Allen

  3. Wow I think everything I stamp with Elaine also stamps with. The end of a stalk of celery? I use this quite often. It looks like a cabbabe rose (if you squint really hard LOL).

    Great page Roni.

  4. Man that is almost spooky! I have been using that exact non-slip mat for keeping some pendants from sliding around when putting on UV Resin. Just yesterday I had a piece of the mat lying around and I stuck it to some polymer clay for texture. Then today I come here and see you use the stuff for inking! Weird eh? Love what you did with it. Looks awesome!

  5. Wine corks - cut notches, X them, leave them alone, etc.

  6. Love the idea of using mesh liner as a background stamp! I even have some of that...off to find it!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!