Monday, April 19, 2010

Recycle It ~ Wrist Watch Necklace

In honor of Earth Day (April 22) I thought I'd dedicated this week to recycled crafts!

Today I am going to start with an old wrist watch....

Wrist Watch Necklace

(a bit o' Steampunk)


Wrist Watch


Jump Rings (or reclaimed wire)

Old or new necklace chain

Junk/Vintage Multi-String Necklace Findings

Collage Image & Ephemera

Glossy Accents


1. Our first line of business is to tear the watch apart. Now, this may or may not be easy...depends on the watch. Usually a pair of pliers will do the trick but sometimes you may have to resort to picks, screwdrivers, etc. My ds LOVES this job so I usually give them to him to tear apart. ;)

recycled watch necklace 001

You'll end up with a pile of goodies that looks something like this.... we're going to use the watch body (frame, bezel, and back) as well as the gears. Save the face and inner can always find a good use for these in a collage or other project!

recycled watch necklace 002

Here are the rest of our hardware pieces we will need....The two multi-strand jewelry findings were salvaged from a couple of old tacky necklaces I found at a second hand store (got them for .25 each!!)

recycled watch necklace 004

2. Create a mini collage in the back of the watch...I used a bit of old map, a collage image of a little girl and some of the smaller watch parts.

recycled watch necklace 005

3. Glue the collaged watch back to the watch frame with a strong adhesive.

4. Use jump rings to add the jewelry findings and watch gears as show....

recycled watch necklace 006

You may add any additional charms or bits of fun you desire



recycled watch necklace 006

Makes a quick "Green" and beautiful gift

for yourself

or a friend!!


  1. Positively stunning!!! It looks like such a difficult project, but with your step-by-step, it really seems like something I could do. I will be hunting down old watches at the flea market now, for sure!

  2. Roni -

    This is so sweet! I love that little face in the watch. Wonderful necklace, thanks for another super tutorial.


  3. Another great project and green, too!! Thanks

  4. Oh sooo cool! Love it! Is there nothing you can't craft something amazing with???

  5. again, super cool that I pretty much have all these supplies just laying around.
    another inspiring project!
    thanks, roni!

  6. This is really awesome, Roni! And thanks so much for the great instructions along with the pictures, that really helps!

  7. Ooooo i would love to have this, its looking awesome and i am sure my friends will love it.

  8. Wow this is awesome. I need to find some watch doo dads...oh wait I have about 10 broken one sin my jewelry box to deconstruct....

  9. That's genius... In today's world we should try to use or recycle things so we could do our own share to help the environment!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!