Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kitten Update

I didn't think so many people would enjoy my kitten news but lots of people have asked for more pics so here they are....

1 day old and sleeping like angels.

kittens 4-21-10 - 1 day old 001

kittens 4-21-10 - 1 day old 002

kittens 4-21-10 - 1 day old 003

Several people have commented that they'd love one if only they lived closer....I wish you did too ;) LOL!! I'd love to keep them all but we just can't have 8 cats, 2 dogs and 2 guys in one house...I would be nuts within a week ;) LOL!!


  1. Your litter of kittens are just so adorable. I wish I could hold one and cuddle. They just couldn't be more desirable, so peaceful and innocent. I sure hope they make 6 new families happy. I bet it will be hard to part with them too.

  2. priceless!!!!! there is just nothing quite like babies to pull at the heartstrings.

  3. Oh Roni -

    They are just so precious! I miss having a kitten around.


  4. Awwwwwwwwwww. I want one or two!!! Those little pink noses look so kissable:))))

  5. ADORABLE!! So soft and fuzzy and cuddly!

    Sigh...alas, I can only look longingly from afar. My husband is allergic. Boo. :(

  6. oooooh bless - love them more and more - keep us updated.

  7. O wow, i just love them, how cute they are, the most happiest thing i have seen today.

  8. Ohhhh so sweet. Kittens are so much fun! I just want to snuggle all of them.

  9. Oh my...they are just too cute. I want one. lol!

  10. So cute! I hope they find good homes (and mom needs a hysterectomy : > )


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