Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Stuff....

Hi All ~

Beautiful day here in Indiana ~ it's finally starting to warm up again and the sun is shining!

I have lots of little bits of news I wanted to share with you before I post the project for the day ~

**Rec'd the first napkins for the Napkin Swap today! I got the nicest package from Dawn B out in AZ. Beautiful floral print napkins and a wonderful assortment of ephemera/goodies! Such a nice surprise!! THANKS DAWN!! We're on our way folks!!

**Last night I got Stampington & Co's Artisan Avenue ~ their weekly newsletter ~ and as I was scrolling down I saw one of my Gothic Arches!! It was an advertisement for Streuter's GlueFoil! WOW ~ what a cool surprise :)

**Kitten Update ~ Lots of people have asked how the kittens are doing so I thought I'd share with everyone. They are 1 week old and doing great! Mom is spending time away from them now and enjoying the freedom - LOL!! 3 of them have their eyes open and I've started to pet/hold them. They like to snuggle in my hair but Little Cat gets nervous when they aren't in the box so I can't pet them too much yet.

**BFF Album ~ I had a couple people e-mail me about the latest installment and wanted to let me know they are playing along but don't feel comfortable sharing. Like I told Kim ~ I totally understand :) I am very shy in person too so I know exactly how you feel. Thanks for letting me know you are playing and enjoying each challenge though!

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  1. I like that you give us an 'update' even when there isn't necessarily a project. I'm glad the kittens are doing well. I know it may be hard to believe, but they just get cuter and cuter! I'm also excited about going shopping for the 'special' napkins! Maybe this weekend...


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