Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Basket Template

Today I have a fun template to share....

You can make an Easter Basket from one 12x12 sheet of cardstock!

Quick and oh so easy...just a few snips and you'll be set to go.

Easter Basket Template

easter basket template 001

Now, I'm just going to show you how to assemble the basket using plain white cardstock so it's easy to see the score lines, folded flaps, etc. BUT since we're using cardstock it is PERFECT for stamping, inking, painting, incorporating all sorts of cool techniques and embellishments.

The sky is the limit to spruce these little babies up!

They are perfect to create a personalized little basket for each person on your Bunny List ;)


1. Cut a 2" strip off of one side of your cardstock.

2. Score and cut all lines as directed.

a solid line _________ = Cut Lines

a dash line - - - - - - - = Score Lines

easter basket template 002

3. Apply a dab of adhesive on the 3/4" flap on both of the short ends.

easter basket template 003

4. Fold these ends over and secure.

easter basket template 004

5. Apply a bit of adhesive on the 3/4" flap on both of the long sides.

easter basket template 005

6. Stand the short ends up and position the square end flaps on the inside of the long side. Fold the side flap over ~ this flap will secure the ends in the upright position as shown.

easter basket template 006

Repeat on the other side.

You should now have a nice basket bottom!

easter basket template 007

7. Fold and attach handle to the basket and you're done!!

easter basket template 009

Told you...

quick, fun and easy!

So now there is no excuse for not having a fun little basket of goodies for all the special little (and big) names on your list.

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