Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BFF Altered Book - Mini Album Challenge #5


We're half way through our BFF Challenge!!

Let's get right to it!

BFF Altered Book/Mini Album

BFF #5 Sentiment:

5. When you are worried, I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining, ya big baby!!!!


BFF #5 Challenge:

Recycle It! The only cardstock you can use is for your images/sentiment...everything else has to be recycled! AND for a second challenge if you're up to it that is...no additional "bought" embellishments either...try to make those from recycled goodies too! I will allow bought fasteners (brads, staples, eyelets) since those are darn near impossible to reuse...yes, I tried ;) and of course if you want to use inks, paints, stamps that's great too.

So are YOU up for this very GREEN challenge?!?!?

Here is what I came up with....

BFF #5 001


old encyclopedia pages

pattern tissue paper

Glimmer Mist




1. Tear up the old encyclopedia pages in to bits...glue them to your base using your favorite collage adhesive. I like Collage Pauge by Duncan. Let dry completely.

BFF #5 002

BFF #5 003

2. Cut several 1" circles (15-20 per flower) from extra encyclopedia pages. NOTE: Since this type of paper is VERY thin I had to fold it so I was punching through 4 layers so my punch wouldn't jam.

BFF #5 004

3. Punch a hole in all of the circles along one side... Stack 15-20 petals on an upturned brad. You're going to layer these around the brad just like the petals of a flower are layered around it's center.

BFF #5 008

4. Fold the prongs to secure the paper petals. Now crumble and fluff the flower...

BFF #5 012

5. Give each flower one or two squirts of Glimmer Mist.

BFF #5 013

BFF #5 018

6. Add color to your foundation with a few squirts of Glimmer Mist.

BFF #5 020

7. Fold and add Glimmer Mist to pattern paper. This will be come "ribbon" and I also cut leaves from the extra.

8. Assemble the rest of the collage...

BFF #5 021

BFF #5 022

BFF #5 023

And there you go!

Challenge #5 ready to be added to the finished page pile!!

Be sure to check out Kim's version of #3 challenge she posted on her blog! - Inspiration of the Day. If you'd like to share your BFF creations be sure to post a link so we can all admire them :)


  1. This is so cute Roni. And I love those little flowers!


    P.S. Little Cat's babies are so adorable!

  2. Roni Love the way you made the flowers... I just love how you love to get messy... thank you for so much inspiration :)

  3. Love the flowers-thanks for great instructions AND pics!

  4. You are so funny! I wish I could come up with such funny wording as you have.

  5. Another great set for the BFF book.


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