Friday, September 4, 2009

TYV Collage & Altered Arts Book Owners - Favor to Ask...

Hi Everyone!

I have a little favor to ask all of you "TYV-Collage & Altered Arts" book owners out there.

I would really appreciate it if you could go to Amazon and post a review of the book. You don't have to make anything up, just give your honest opinions on the book, techniques, projects, whatever you'd like.

The reason I'm asking is the more reviews a book gets the higher it rates when someone does a search for these types of books.

Right now when you request - Altered Arts it's #14, but it's way down the list when someone does a search on collage. It's #1 when you search for both collage & altered art though :) so that's somethin'.

So, if you've had a chance to look at or buy the book, please go put in your 2 cents about it! I'll be eternally grateful to you!

Thanks friends!!


  1. Hi Roni I am Mrs P J Atkinson (minibook Pixie) I was the first to review your book, (on the UK site, not sure if you see that review on the US site mind) am very suprised not to see more yet :(

  2. Hi, Roni! My son finally showed me how to do this. I'm heading to amazon now.

  3. Thanks so much ~ I really appreciate it :)

    Paula ~ I didn't know there were different amazons for various parts of the world! Thanks for getting me going over there!!


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