Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Days Gothic Arch - Masking Tape Technique

Today's Gothic Arch design was created on the Fancy Gothic Arch #2 Template. I decided to use a technique that is normally showcased in browns with black highlights to imitate faux leather but I like to kick it up a notch or 3 or 4 and use COLOR!!!

So here you go ~

Fancy Gothic Arch Template #2

School Days


Masking Tape Technique

(Faux Leather Technique)


Chipboard (for Gothic Arch base)

Fancy Gothic Arch Pattern #2

Masking Tape

Glimmer Mist

Krylon Metallic Paint Pen

Archival Ink

Distress Inks

Ink Blending Tool


1. Trace the Gothic Arch onto the chipboard and cut out.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 001

2. Apply small bits of masking tape to the entire base. There is no rhyme nor reason...just stick em on there willy-nilly. Be sure to have some of the tape hanging off the edge ~ you'll cut these off later so don't worry when it starts looking ragged.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 002

3. Once the base has been covered, spray desired color(s) of Glimmer Mist onto the tape.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 003

I used Sea Glass (blue), Cinnamon, and Wheat. Let dry completely before moving can speed drying using a heat tool.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 004

4. Trim off the ragged pieces of tape...

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 007

5. Stamp background images using Archival Ink and Oxford Impression stamps.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 010

6. Stamp desired "photo stamps" using Archival Ink onto the Matte Kote paper. Just a bit about photo realistic stamps. If you don't use the correct ink or paper they can be a real bear to use. You'll end up with partial or distorted images and at times they make you want to cuss....that is until you figure out the right combination of tools/paper!

First and foremost these stamps work best with Archival or Staz-On type inks. I've tried lots of others but these work the absolute best! (I use Archival because I don't like how Staz-On smells.)

Next comes the paper...normally it is recommended you use glossy cardstock to stamp on. Regular plain cardstock just won't cut it. The images just don't transfer well to uncoated cardstock. Now you might not want the gloss associated with glossy cardstock ~ this is where Judi Kins Matte Kote cardstock comes in!! This stuff is THE BEST ~ I love it! It's a coated cardstock that takes inks extremely well! You can see in the photo just how nice these images turned out.

Best of all if you want to color the images in with chalks, colored or watercolor pencils, inks, etc. it all works great on this cardstock. When you try to use some of these mediums on glossy cardstock you achieve less than desirable results.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 008

7. Finish the Gothic Arch and enjoy!!

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 012

There ya go...another Gothic Arch and Technique to add to your idea box :)

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  1. loving the texture created using the mist on the bits of masking tape. Thanks for sharing on the archival ink and staz on inks work best on "photo stamps" shall try to get my hands on the archival ink :)


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