Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rubber Cement Resist Technique

Today's technique takes me back to childhood and my love of rubber cement! I don't know about you guys but I tell you I had (have) so much fun playing with rubber cement ~ it's one of those little every day things that bring a smile to my face ;)

Rubber Cement Resist

rubber cement resist 001


Rubber Cement


Spray Dye Ink

Dry Cloth or Paper Towel

Ink Blending Tool (optional)

Distress Ink (optional)


1. Apply an ample amount of rubber cement to the can use the brush in the lid or your finger :)

rubber cement resist 002

2. Spray desired colors of dye ink over the entire piece of cardstock.

rubber cement resist 003

3. LET THE INK DRY.... If you don't let the ink on the cardstock dry completely when you go to remove the rubber cement the top layer or two of paper will peel off with the rubber cement. TRUST me on this ~ it is the voice of experience!

4. Once the cardstock is dry, dab away the excess ink which has pooled on the rubber cement.

rubber cement resist 004

5. Now for the fun part...rub the rubber cement off your paper. I don't know why but I find this so much fun... When we were kids we used to just put the rubber cement on stuff to rub it off - LOL!!

rubber cement resist 011

And you'll end up with some pretty cool designs. Of course when I go to use this I'd trim away the solid areas around the edges. It's ready to be used on cards, in scrapbooks, as a background for ATC's, altered books or altered art projects.

rubber cement resist 016

I also have a variation on this technique that I like ~ before you apply the rubber cement, add some Distress Inks to your cardstock!

rubber cement resist 005

and continue with the steps above....

(I used my finger this time...)

rubber cement resist 006

rubber cement resist 008

rubber cement resist 017

For even more options, try this technique paired with pattern papers!

Now it's your turn to dig out the

rubber cement and have some fun!!!


  1. This is a WAY awesome technique! I can't wait to try it!

  2. What a cool technique!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Way cool! I've had some Rubber Cement sittin' on my table for over a year. My gosh, you come up with some fun stuff. I need to make some backgrounds for a few swaps that I'm doing. This will work for some of them. I like the pattered paper idea too.

  4. I love the double effect,thanks for sharing :-) Juliet


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