Friday, September 18, 2009

Postcard Art #5 - Collage Photo Frame!

I thought for the last project this week I'd alter something! I just bought a couple of frames the other day just for technique. It's a great way to take a drab ordinary photo frame and turn it into something special. With very few supplies and a bit of time you'll have a great way to remember any special occasion!

Before I get to the project, I wanted to talk a bit about Collage Pauge Decopague Glue... It's something I discovered while working on the book. It's a great alternative to Mod Podge glue. Why you might ask? Well, I have found that most of the time Mod Podge has a tacky finish. The jar even tells you it must be sealed to remove this sticky feel. Well, you won't get that sticky finish with Collage Pauge! It's great... Besides it being a nice finish it also takes inks and paints very well. It's definitely my collage adhesive of choice!

Postcard Art #5

Collage Photo Frame

Postcard Art #5 001

Supplies (basic frame):


Postcard images (printed on cardstock or copy paper)

Collage Pauge Decoupage Medium (adhesive)

Foam Brush

Acrylic Paint

Dry Cloth

Optional Supplies:

Distress Ink

Ink Blending Tool

Distress Crackle Paints


1. Print and trim postcard images.

Postcard Art #5 002

2. Dab on black acrylic paint... and swipe for a dry brush look.

Note: this step is actually optional ~ this step just takes away that brand new feel and adds a nice patina.

Postcard Art #5 003

Postcard Art #5 005

3. Cover entire frame in this fashion...

Postcard Art #5 008

4. Apply a layer of adhesive to an area of the frame...

Postcard Art #5 009

5. Begin layering images on the frame. Use the foam brush and your fingers to smooth the images while adding another layer of collage medium to the top of the image. Fold over any edges and continue adding the adhesive.

Postcard Art #5 010

TIP: If one of your images falls on an inside corner, cut the image in the center and adhere the two sections as shown.

Postcard Art #5 013

Postcard Art #5 015

6. Continue adding images and collage medium until the entire frame has been covered. When you're finished, apply one more coat of collage medium to the entire frame. Let dry completely.

Postcard Art #5 016

Now, you could call the frame good enough right here...BUT, you know me...gotta ink it up a bit ;) LOL!!

7. (optional) To achieve a nice even tone apply Vintage Photo Distress Ink (or other desired color) using the Ink Blending Tool & Foam.

Postcard Art #5 018

Now, you may have bare spots on your photo frame that look like this....

Postcard Art #5 019

No worries!!!

8. (optional) Just add a dab of Distress Crackle Paints here and there!!!

Postcard Art #5 022

And here is what you get...

Postcard Art #5 021

Way cool huh?

Well, I hope you've enjoyed all of these Postcard Art Techniques and Projects this week...

Remember the Postcard Art Give-A-Way...

For today's project I'm adding a photo frame for you to alter

as well as 10 postcards to start your own postcard collection!!!

Sunday in addition to posting several more postcards

I'll be drawing the winner of the Postcard Art Give-A-Way

so remember to post a comment to be entered!!

Good Luck Friends!!


  1. Love the frame Roni. Where do you find the time?
    Please enter my name for the draw.

    Daily Follower, Val

  2. WOW Roni what else can I say. That frame turned out beautifully!!!!I just love it. I would love to be entered into the draw please.

  3. hi Roni...very cute! can I get that decoupage stuff anywhere or do I need to look on line? ty for a chance, Cher

  4. Wow!!! I don't think there was a single project this week that I didn't love. I will be trying them all as time permits. Thank you for sharing. :):)

    Sheryl S.

  5. Oh the frame is sooooooo cool! How DO yu come up with these fabulous ideas???

  6. I've been following for a while now and I read all your posts in google reader, am sorry haven't popped by to leave some comments-I just wanted to say I am loving your tutorials! They're fantastic! Well done on making these so informative and easy to follow, and giving us stuff to drool over! Hugs, Rowena

  7. amazing projects yet again. Loved the frame and the letters..very clever. The charms were great also
    ...may aswell have just said...loved everything. Got your book..(meant to say earlier!) and its fab! well done!


  8. i really hope one day i will be able to do these techniques myself. thanks for sharing your expertise.

    have a great weekend. :)

  9. Your blog is great. I spent quite a bit of time looking through it and will come back later to look some more. I, too, love using Collage Polage for my projects - I just used it to finish some paper beads.


  10. Cool, simply love the collage altered frame!!!

  11. I can see doing this with many themes!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I don't seem to be able to leave a post unless it is as anonymous! :( I guess I'm challenged on posting! anyway, your ideas for vintage postcard uses in artwork are inspirational! I've got a HUGE collection of postcards and always wondered how I could incorporate them! GREAT IDEAS! I'll be copying my vintage pc's night and day to try these techniques and "pump up the volume" on my projects, as well as in my scrapbooking! Carolyn aka catswaller

  13. I love all your techniques. I've started making ATC's, just to try them out!

  14. Super cool frame! I have a lot of old, boring frames and this is just the technique to jazz them up. Love the tip to fill in with distress Crackle paint and I have GOT to get some of that adhesive!

  15. This is great!
    You give me so much inspiration! Thank-You!!

  16. You are quickly becoming my favorite blogger. I love all the inspiration!

  17. Roni, the frame is great! I have some old postcards from when I grew up in VA during the 50s. It would be neat to make a frame with those and then find a picture of my family during that time.


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