Thursday, September 17, 2009

Postcard Art #4 - ATC's!

O.k...I LOVE making ATC's and I hope you do too!! I enjoy making ATC's even more when I can incorporate postcard art in one form or another on these cards.

Now, there are virtually no limits to what you can create...use a postcard image in whole or in part it makes no difference. It's all good!

I like to print my images on a nice white cardstock ~ it is stiff enough for many techniques, is easy to cut and lets the true colors shine through.

Here are a few ATC's I made today using parts of various postcards I have in my collection!

Postcard Art #4


Shark Repellent??

Postcard Art #4 011

Blind Date....

Postcard Art #4 010

Shake It!

Postcard Art #4 008

Of course you could make hundreds and thousands of cards from all the cool postcards out there...just let your imagaination run wild!

Today I'm adding ATC blanks and ATC sleeves to the pile of goodies for the Postcard Art Give-A-Way goodie bag!

Be sure and post for your chance to win!!


  1. Roni...I love your ATC's. I really want to get back to making them.

  2. lol @ the shark one ...too cute! all cute tho..Cher

  3. Your work is amazing!!
    I wanted to drop you a little note to let you know I received my prize from your blog candy give away!! Thank you so very very much for the AWESOME mini album!! Janet :-)

  4. Hey Roni, Love the way you are incorperating the vintage postcards on your ATCs.

  5. I love to make ATCs with my hand-carved rubber stamps, but I never considered using postcard art to accent.

    These are wonderful - thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. Great examples. I bought your book and I LOVE it!! It is definately a must have. I also added a review at for you. :-)

  7. Just found your site, what a wealth of information! I've been interested in the disstressing inks so was glad to find that info.
    Neat ATC's! Peg

  8. Oh my-- I have to get some of those vintage postcards... do tell where do you find them!!

  9. These rock! as per usual!

  10. I love ATCs too! Thanks for sharing the incorporation of postcard art into these ATCs!

  11. LOVE the ATCs!! The Blind Date one is too hilarious!


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