Monday, April 6, 2009

UTEE Cube Examples

It's been a wild weekend here...It was a beautiful day on Sat ~ warm with a gentle breeze. We went and picked up some baby chicks ~ they are so darn cute :) I just love watching them grow. Yesterday we were having thunderstorms on and off all day and then this morning I woke up to about 3" of snow!!! Ahhhh Springtime in Indiana! LOL!!!

I had a few questions about the Cubes ~

Someone asked how to turn them into charms?

I would drill a hole in the top with my dremel on a very low speed so you don't crack them or you could glue a bail to the back.

How do you protect them from getting all scratched up?

I apply a thin layer of Glossy Accents or something similar if it's going to be handled or bumped alot.

Shannon asked about storing the molds to keep them flexible...

I don't think there is any special way to store them, I have just kept mine in a plastic zip-lock baggie and they are fine. I've seen some stored in shoe boxes and others tossed in a basket.

Someone asked about melting the UTEE if you didn't have a Melt Pot....

I'm not so sure on this, I know some people say they have tried it on a double boiler and others in the microwave BUT I don't have any experience with these methods nor would I suggest them. I do know there are other types of melt pots on the market that would work just as well.

Here are the UTEE Cubes Projects I wanted to share with you ~

The first project is a card that I embellished with 3 of the flower cubes.

UTEE Cubes 008

UTEE Cubes 008

The next project is a pencil holder I made for my mom...she loves zoo stuff so I thought she might like this for her sb room :) We'll see if she notices it's here!

UTEE Cubes 001

UTEE Cubes 002

UTEE Cubes 003

And the last one is a frame I made for a's loaded with all sorts of cat and dog goodies...

HD 004

HD 005

HD 007

HD 006

So see there is just so much you can do with these fun little cubes - they are such versatile and amazing little gems!

Now, I think it's time for a give-a-way don't you???

Well, since these little devils are so much fun I thought I'd cut up my silicone cube tray and share some with you!

So I'm offering up 3 - sections of tray each containing 4 cubes!

All you have to do to enter is tell me something you'd like to "freeze" in your UTEE cube!

You'll have until 4-13 to post at which time I'll draw 3 winning names using

Good luck everyone!!


  1. Wow. I love these. How cute. I really would love to win a cube mold. Pick me !

  2. Hi Roni,

    I would put memorabilia in like a lock of baby hair, first tooth, first word (you would have to type that one) etc. You could then scrapbook them in your babies album. I would do that for my little granddaughter 10mths old for her photo album.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Roni.

  3. guess what I got yesterday?! molding material. Yikes! LOL! I'd love to try and mold superhero goodies and come up with fun things to sell my our store.

  4. Hi! I would love to try some of my metal charms and beads. I think the shine would be great, don't u? I have no molds as yet...and I have never seen the stuff u used to make molds. Where do I find them? I looked at Joanns and Michaels today..and I asked as well.they didnt know what I was talking about! OH...when I was at Michaels today....they let me use my expired 50% off from if u have one go for it! Ty ...hope to win...Cher and ty for the chance

  5. I'd like to freeze some 'bugs' so that they look like the ones you get in museums - not sure where i'd get the bugs from, or who would put them in the tray for me, but thought it was a cool idea !!!

    *shudders at the bugs* LOL !!

  6. Hi there,

    i just came across your blog today and o boy.....It's GREAT!!!
    A lot of hings are still new to me, UTEE? i had to look that one up first :-)
    So there is lots to read, look up and give them a try myself.
    Thank you Roni for the insiration.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  7. that should be INSPIRATION hahahahah LOL

  8. I would like to try some real tiny flowers or some 3d alphabets would make a cool looking title.
    I love all your samples! Im gonna have to get that melting pot!!!

  9. I've been using UTEE for a while now, but I still don't have any molds. I would love to give this a try. Thanks for the chance. :)

  10. I forgot to add, I would put beads, buttons or charms in my molds. Suze had the idea of using a chain. I thought that was unique. I suppose I'd almost be willing to try anything that fits. LOL.

  11. Hi Roni, LOVE your blog...I`ve spent the last 2 days looking through your awesome tutorials. Your book will be a hit for sure, thank you so much for sharing all that information. I wanted to keep your blog all to myself, but it`s too good not to share :) As for the cubes, I`d put some of Barbie`s shoes(DDs) to remind me that she DID play with dolls once upon a time LOL.

  12. I'm thinking that I will cube up all of my service pins to adorn scrapbook pages etc with pictures of all of my other service minded and pin wearing pals.

  13. I certainly hope to win these cube tray,have been searching high and low but unable to find...

    I would love to freeze some little flowers, or little beads, metal or acrylic embellishments, and even some small pieces of torn papers...

  14. Can I freeze my ex-husband in a cube?

    *evil laugh* Nahhh... too big.

    Seriously, I would like to make a wooden box project for my desk. I envision it painted over the wood and then completely covered in UTEE tile or cubes with themed collage images in each one - like womens faces or cats. For dimension it would be fun to "float" small charms and bits of metal watch innards.

    Sigh... so little time, so many awesome ideas! Thanks for the inspiration. (again and always)

    (((( hugs ))))

  15. I'd like so "freeze" some shells and dried flowers. These are really cool! thanks for the inspiration.

  16. I'd freeze charms at first - then when I became more courageous I would try other things.

  17. I make jewelry and would love to insert some cool beads into the cubes. I also have some pastel colored metal charms from a stamp company that I think would look great.

  18. Mmmm how fun are these delightful lil cubes?!?!?!

    I would love to "freeze" some dried flowers....or watch parts...or dictionary words...or sea shells....or sea glass...a piece of many few cubes!

  19. About a year ago someone said to eat a mince pie and use the small tin cake case it came in to melt UTEE in, I have used this and it works. I did buy the new ones about 12 for £1.50 so it means you can have one for each colour.
    Just hold with tweezers and melt from below till it's liquid.
    It does get hot so becareful.

  20. HI

    I use a wax pot or wax melting pot I found on ebay cheap as they do not make the melting pot for my country

    I did get it from overseas and have to use a plug adapter but it works really well, though now you can get better ones with on/off switches and a more even heat mine does the job and set me back about $10au.

    They do amber a smidge quicker than the melting pot though.


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